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Kelly Misa-Fernandez Has A Very Empowering Career Advice For Pinays In Their 20s

“Once you find out who you are, then you can move on to achieving your dreams.”
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Your 20s is like your primer to adulthood. You learn to rely more on yourself and work on shaping who you are as a person. Take it from Kelly Misa-Fernandez, who started making a name for herself during this stage in her life. In this interview, Kelly talks about the things she learned in the process and her advice to twenty-something Pinays.   

Kelly In Her 20s 

Growing up, Kelly was an introvert and was “painfully shy.” One thing she had always dreamed of, however, was to become a model. Seeing her dad, brother, and cousins in TV commercials all the time inspired her to audition as a young girl. However, it was only in her 20s when those auditions finally started paying off.

Her first gig was a supporting role for a soft drink commercial that put her on billboards and banners all over Metro Manila. That said, her newfound modeling career wasn’t without bumps and heartaches. “There was a time when I was told I got the job and when I got to the workshop, they sent me home because they decided to get another girl. I cried my heart out when that happened and thought of quitting altogether. But something told me to continue on and keep trying,” Kelly shares.

“Once you find out who you are, then you can move on to achieving your dreams.”

True enough, Kelly’s drive allowed her to embrace who she really is, which resulted in her landing more lead roles later on. “It’s funny, because before modeling, I thought I was the ugliest person.” She admits being teased in school for being too tall and thin, which prompted her hide in baggy clothes and hold back throughout high school.

It was in the fashion world where she finally found a community that made her feel confident about her looks. She met people who helped her get out of her head and become more comfortable with her body. Kelly also learned to be more outgoing, face the camera, and walk the runway with confidence. 

Looking back, Kelly says her 20s was an empowering decade. “[It] taught me to have fun, to explore and see the world, to work and save, and more importantly, to make mistakes.” She also learned the value of a good night’s sleep, being open to people and opportunities, never comparing yourself with others, and surrounding yourself with those who inspire you to be better. She explains, “Once you find out who you are, then you can move on to achieving your dreams.”

From Model To Role Model

Aside from modeling, Kelly has introduced herself to other creative avenues when she entered her 30s. She now works as a vlogger, influencer, and digital content creator. “Being a good role model [in the social media age] is important. But more than that, [I value] being authentic.”  

Now approaching her 40s, Kelly believes that she has a fuller grasp of who she is as a person. “Once I mustered up the courage, I was able to learn as I went along. Each job opened me to more opportunities and I hardly said no—I just bit the bullet and did it. In the process, I learned so much.”

In her latest project, Kelly is proud to represent a brand that also stands with her in promoting authenticity and progress. Kelly is part of PLDT Home’s #DoItBetter, the latest PLDT campaign that highlights real stories of people who continue to learn, work, enjoy, and do things better with the power of their strongest connections at home.

“I love how PLDT Home's #DoItBetter campaign highlights these values and allows me to work with my family and share our happiest moments with everyone. Raw and real moments make the best content, and PLDT Home helps us do this every single day.”

Advice To Twenty-Something Pinays 

From being a model, a content creator, to being a mom and wife—Kelly treats these chapters in her life to become better. “It's a never-ending work in progress, so don’t stop learning and adapting,” she describes. 

For twenty-something Pinays who are just starting out, Kelly has some words of wisdom: “Discover who you are. I mean, at the core, who is the real you? What do you like, what do you love and hate, and more importantly, what do you want to do for the rest of your life? Being true and authentic to yourself can really set the tone for making great life choices and decisions. You will consciously surround yourself with like-minded people and you will thrive in life. Don't focus on success but focus on doing things you love every day and make that your source of living.”

Every day’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself and do better. Just like Kelly, you can explore what you want to pursue in life with the help of PLDT Home’s reliable internet connection. If you want be inspired and empowered to #DoItBetter, watch this video:

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