Kelly Rowland Reveals Workout Motivation

The former Destiny's Child singer says she works out regularly to look good and feel confident when she's naked.

Kelly Rowland works out regularly to look good naked.

The X Factor USA judge, who is set to release her second fitness DVD, Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt, with her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins in October, finds it easy to stay motivated in the gym because she is determined to feel confident about how she looks.

The 32-year-old singer told "I have to see myself naked! That's all that counts. If I'm not happy with my naked body, who will be?"

The former Destiny's Child star pushes herself even when she doesn't feel like exercising but takes a break from the gym if she is too tired.

She said: "I listen to my body. If I'm tired I'll call Jeanette and say 'I can't make it today,' but [usually] I need to get up for myself. I want that after-workout feeling.

"I actually like to go to the gym. I like to be around other spirits who like to work out too. Because they're gonna push me and I'm gonna try and show off."

Kelly worked extra hard on her body before filming her new DVD.

She said: "I did this whole workout for an hour five days a week to prepare. I'm thinking to myself, 'What the hell was I thinking?' It is intense while you're doing it. But when you're done you feel incredible."

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