Kendall Jenner Channeled '60s Spirit And Style In New IG Snaps

Bouffants and leopard print 4ever.
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Kendall Jenner is wasting no time whipping out her summer '17 wardrobe, and she's channeling a very specific era: 1960s Americana, with its big hair, classic prints, and general ~vibe~.

As of late, the model has been rocking some serious early 2000s style inspiration; namely, that of fellow socialite Paris Hilton. But Kendall switched things up for her latest Instagram snapshots, instead giving flashes of '60s style cues like a beehive/bouffant updo, as well as cute leopard print and gingham intimates.

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One of Kendall's outfit posts has a lowkey soigné/lounging vibe, where she's dressed only in a crisp white shirt and adorable leopard undies.

She kept the hair from her previous post, which also features an excellent gingham bikini and a super cropped t-shirt. (Is that even a t-shirt at that point? What is up with this family and weird tiny shirts.)

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Kendall also took to Snapchat to give a more dynamic look at her summer style:

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But honestly, the real star of her day's posts? This amazing luggage set, which played well against her baby blue car.

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Summer: a chance for celebs to stunt even harder on social media!

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