Kendall Jenner Admitted To Making Fake Instagram Accounts To Stalk Her Exes

Never related to her more tbh.
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Considering she's a millionaire supermodel who once dated Harry Styles and we spent the weekend covered in crumbs in front of the TV, we've never drawn huge parallels between our lives and Kendall Jenner's.

Until now, that is, after she admitted to creating fake Instagram accounts to stalk her exes, presumably after they had blocked her on the social media channels. Hilarious. Kendall Jenner, our new spirit animal.

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During a new episode of Carpool Karaoke, Kendall and Hailey Baldwin took a lie detector test and asked each other a number of embarrassing questions. And aside from Hailey getting a question about husband/fiancé Justin Bieber wrong (more about that later), Kendall revealed a secret about her sleuthing ways.

While Kendall was hooked up to the lie detector machine, Hailey asked, "Have you ever created a fake Instagram to look at what your ex-boyfriend is doing?"

Kendall replied, "You know the answer to this! Yes!" Same Kendall, same.

For the next question, Kendall asked Hailey whether Justin thought she was cool. Hailey giggled and replied, "Of course"only for the lie detector to reveal that she was telling a lie.

Hilarious. How do we become friends with these two and join the girl gang, please?


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