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Kendall Jenner Won't Cut Her Hair Short Because She Doesn't Want To Look Just Like Her Mom Kris Jenner

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Kendall Jenner has done many things in the name of fashun, including getting completely naked for a Vogue Italia cover shoot, freeing the nipple at The Fashion Awards in London, wearing an insanely high-cut dress that almost showed the world her vagina at an Oscars party, wearing a tiny bikini in the snow, and missing her niece Stormi Webster's first birthday party because of New York Fashion Week. But one thing that she won't do for fashion/the lewk? Cut off her hair.

In an interview with E! earlier this week, Kendall talked about her hair, saying, "I think about shaving it all off sometimes... Not like a buzz. But I think about chopping it off." But the reason that Kendall doesn't want to do it is actually pretty hilarious—it's all because she doesn't want to look just like her mom Kris Jenner.

Kendall shared, "That's the problem! If I cut my hair that short, then I just look like my mom! I've been on sets before and they've put short wigs on me like my mom. It's too much, I literally am a mini-Kris Jenner when I have that hair." Lol!

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That said, just because Kris' daughters might not want to look exactly like her (and she's gorg btw!), it doesn't mean that Kris hasn't changed her hair and looked more like them. Earlier this year Kris got bangs, and her resemblance to Kim Kardashian sent the internet into a tailspin:

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And while I totally get not wanting to look exactly like your parents, now all I want to do is photoshop Kris' hair onto a photo of Kendall to see what it would really look like. So, uh, brb...


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