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Why Are Kim Chiu's Comments On Cheating Going Viral?

'Again, Kim Chiu, there's no acceptable reason for cheating.'
Why Kim Chiu's Opinions On Cheating Are Going Viral
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Cheating is not—and will never be—okay, and this was the topic of discussion on Twitter after Kim Chiu made some comments about why some people are unfaithful. During an episode of Its Showtime's "Reina Ng Tahanan," the hosts talked about the saying "Once a cheater, always a cheater." Vice Ganda noticed that Kim was strongly agreeing to the saying and Kim clarified: "Pero puwede pa naman magbago, hindi pa naman huli ang lahat."

Their co-host, Teddy Corpuz, agreed with Kim: "May time pa naman to change. Tsaka hindi mo maiintindihan hangga't 'di mo siya [napagdaanan]." Teddy admitted that he once cheated on a girlfriend, and that he has changed. 

Kim added: "Baka magche-cheat kung hindi siya naging masaya...Baka bubukas yung mundo ng cheating kung hindi siya masaya sa partner niya."  

Vice told her, "Again, Kim Chiu, there's no acceptable reason for cheating. Masaya ka o hindi ka masaya, walang pass 'yon to cheat. Hindi ka maa-absuwelto doon. 'E kasi hindi siya masaya kaya absuwelto...' Walang ganun, Kim." As Vice was saying these things, Kim was agreeing with him, saying that cheating is bad. 


Netizens couldn't help but react to what Kim said, saying that one should never be an "enabler" and that we shouldn't condone cheating. Some applauded Vice Ganda for contradicting Kim and setting things straight. On the other hand, Kim's fans defended her, saying that Kim's statement was "misinterpreted" and that she never justified cheating in the first place. 

Kim Chiu's previous comments on cheating 

This isn't the first time Kim's opinions on the matter went viral. In June, during another episode of "Reina Ng Tahanan," Kim and Vice were talking to a contestant named Argen whose partner cheated on her. According to Argen, her partner and his other girlfriend were staying at the house she shared with him, and that she had a physical confrontation with the other girlfriend. 

The hosts asked Argen why she only got mad at the woman and not at at her partner, and Argen said this was because she had repeatedly asked her to stay away. Vice interjected: "E 'di ba hindi rin matino yung lalaki moKasi kung matino siyang lalaki, e ba't pumatol pa siya doon sa babae? May babae na siyang naanakan?" 

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Kim said: "Hindi, minsan nasa babae din. Nasa babae din, nasa tamang harot lang din yan. Kasi and lalaki mahina. Mahina, marupok sa harot na tinatawag. Tama?" Kim and Argen agreed that the one at fault was the other girlfriend and not Argen's partner. 

Vice maintained that he didn't agree with this, saying: "Hindi mo puwede isisi lang doon sa [babae]. Pareho silang malandi. It takes two to tango. Hindi makakasayaw yan kung walang partner."

Kim said, "Sabagay," and Vice continued, "Actually, ang nangloko nga sa'yo hindi naman yung babae, kasi wala naman siyang obligasyon sa'yo. Wala siyang pinangako sa'yo. Wala kayong usapan. Ang may obligasyon sa'yo yung lalaki kasi kayo yung may pagkakaunawaan e, 'di ba?"

Preach, Vice!!! You can watch the full clip here: 


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