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8 Kim Jae Wook K-Dramas You Shouldn't Miss Out On

He's come a long way since 'Coffee Prince!'
8 Must-Watch Kim Jae Wook Dramas

If you're an OG K-drama fan, you might already know Kim Jae Wook from his stint in the 2007 hit series Coffee Prince starring Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye. He played Noh Sun Ki, the half-Japanese waffle maker who worked at the protagonist's coffee shop. More than a decade later, Jae Wook is still as ~gorgeous~ as ever, and he's expanded his portfolio to cover both rom-coms and thrillers. He just shines onscreen, whether he's playing a gentlemanly Prince Charming or an evil villain. Read on to see some of our fave Jae Wook K-dramas. Which one do you like best?

Kim Jae Wook dramas

  1. Bad Guy (2010)
    Who else is in it: Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In, Oh Yeon Soo, Jung So Min

    In this melodrama, charismatic Gun Wook (Nam Gil) plans to take revenge on the Hong family who made his life hell. They thought he was the president’s illegitimate son, Tae Sung, but when they realized he wasn’t, they threw him out and never looked back. Now, he's back to put them through the ringer by taking down their company. Jae Wook plays the real Tae Sung who finds himself overwhelmed with loneliness despite being a Hong by blood. He craves the approval of his family and the woman he loves—but life just isn't easy for him.

    [MV] MI (BEAUTY)(?)_where(Orchestra Ver.) (BAD GUY DRAMA OST Part.4)

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  2. Marry Me, Mary! (2010)
    Who else is in it: Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Hyo Jin

    This cute rom-com tells the story of fiery Mae Ri (Geun Young) who's forced to stop studying and work part-time jobs because her dad, Dae Han, is drowning in debt. She stumbles upon musician Mu Gyul (Geun Suk) one day and forms a unique friendship with him. Jae Wook plays Jung In, the son of Mae Ri’s dad's friend. Dae Han wants Mae Ri to marry Jung In so that he can be free of debt. To stop her father's crazy plan, Mae Ri pretends she's already married to Mu Gyul—but, lo and behold, Dae Han has already registered her marriage to Jung In without her consent. Jung In asks Mae Ri to live with both him and Mu Gyul for 100 days so that she can decide which of them is her perfect match.

    [FMV] Marry Me Mary OST - She is Mine

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  3. Who Are You? (2013)
    Who else is in it: So Yi Hyun, 2PM's Taecyeon

    Who Are You? is Jae Wook's first drama after returning from mandatory military service. It's a horror romance about Yang Shi Ohn (Yi Hyun), a detective who gains the ability to see ghosts after waking up from a coma. She doesn't remember what happened to her six years ago. Shi Ohn solves cold cases with her partner, rookie Cha Gun Woo (Taecyeon). Jae Wook plays Detective Lee Hyung Joon, Shi Ohn's ex-boyfriend. He died the night Shi Ohn was almost killed and ended up in a coma. Now, he’s a ghost checking in on her. Will she ever remember what happened that fateful night?

    (ENG/SPA/IND) Gyo Jin Prohibited From Clicking On This Taec Yeon Yi Hyun’Sweet Moments WhoAreYou

  4. Voice (2017)
    Who else is in it: Lee Ha Na, Jang Hyuk, Super Junior
    's Yesung, Son Eun Seo

    This hit OCN crime series now has four seasons. Jae Wook starred in the first season and gained critical acclaim for his role as Mo Tae Goo, the mysterious CEO of Sungwun Express. The series revolves around Kang Kwon Joo (Ha Na), a policewoman with sharp hearing that makes her the perfect voice profiler. She works with Moo Jin Jyuk (Hyuk), a detective looking for the serial killer who slayed his wife. The two of them work together in the Golden Time team, a new team tasked to solve cases from a hotline as soon as possible.

    Mo Tae Gu - Who's in control [ Voice 1 FMV ]

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  5. Temperature Of Love (2017)
    Who else is in it: Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Jo Bo Ah

    Jae Wook returns to romance and melodrama with Temperature Of Love, which tells the story of Hyun Soo (Hyun Jin), a woman who dreams of becoming a screenwriter, and Jung Sun (Se Jong), a man who wants to open his own restaurant. They first meet online. When they finally see each other in real life, sparks fly, but life throws them several curveballs as they pursue their dreams and get separated. Hyun Soo gets help for her career from businessman Jung Woo (Jae Wook), who stays by her side and supports her while harboring secret feelings for her. Will she ever look his way?

    Temperature Of Love Teaser | Watch with subs 12 hours after Korea!

  6. The Guest (2018)
    Who else is in it: Kim Dong Wook, Jung Eun Chae

    This horror-thriller isn't for the faint of heart (It's a great drama, but if you're a scaredy-cat like me, be prepared. I honestly don’t know if I could have powered through this if I didn't love Jae Wook!). In it, an unexpected trio band together to solve unexplainable crimes. Yoon Hwa Pyung (Dong Wook) is a psychic from a family of shamans. Choi Yoon (Jae Wook) is a cold priest who performs exorcisms. Both of them are chasing a serial killer possessed by an evil spirit. Kang Kil Young (Eun Chae) is a detective skeptic of the supernatural, but she can't help getting swayed after seeing the evidence in front of her eyes. As their search for the serial killer continues, they come across other people also possessed by spirits and help to free them.

    The Guest MV

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  7. Her Private Life (2019)
    Who else is in it: Park Min Young, Ahn Bo Hyun, Jung Jae Won, Kim Bo Ra

    If you enjoy office romances like What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?, you'll love Her Private Life, which incidentally also stars Park Min Young. This marks Jae Wook's first time to play the lead in a rom-com. In this drama that combines ~cute~ and ~steamy~ scenes, Jae Wook plays Ryan Gold, the strict new art director of Cheum Museum of Art. Min Young plays Sung Deok Mi, the museum's underappreciated chief curator whose work often got undermined by the old art director. She also runs the fansite "Road to Sian," which is dedicated to Sian (Jae Won) of the famous boy group White Ocean. When Sian’s other fans send Deok Mi threats, she and Ryan start fake dating to ward them off. As they get to know each other better, will love also bloom?

    Fangirling 101 | Her Private Life Highlights | Netflix [ENG SUB]

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  8. Crazy Love (2022)
    Who else is in it: Krystal Jung, Ha Jun

    Jae Wook is back to grace our screens this March, this time in a rom-com with Krystal Jung. In this dark and kooky drama, he plays Noh Go Jin, the hotshot CEO of South Korea's best math institute, GOTOP Education (he's so popular he has fangirls and fanboys as if he's a celebrity!). But underneath the glitz and glamour, he's actually been receiving death threats. When someone runs over him and he ends up with amnesia, his introverted secretary, Lee Shin Ah (Krystal), becomes the prime suspect for his case. Desperate to escape prison, Shin Ah decides to pretend he's Go Jin's fiancée.

    Crazy Love (2022) Official Trailer | Krystal Jung, Kim Jae Wook


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