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10 Things You *Absolutely* Need To Know About Kim Ji Won


Aegyo queen Kim Ji Won never fails to make our hearts flutter with her K-drama roleswhether she's a rich + spoiled heiress, a military doctor, or a struggling millennial in Busan! The actress made her debut as a commercial model in 2010 and became known as the "Oran C Girl" because of this vid:  


She's also set to star in a new drama called City Couple's Way Of Love opposite none other than Ji Chang Wook! Here's everything you need to know about rising leading lady Kim Ji Won: 

1. Her birthday is on October 19, 1992. 

Below are some of her adorable childhood pics:

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2. She is currently signed with Park Shin Hye and Kim Seon Ho's agency SALT Entertainment.

Before signing an exclusive contract with SALT in 2020, Kim Ji Won was under King Kong By Starship, the agency of Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum.

3. Ae Ra in Fight For My Way was her first leading lady role.

Kim Ji Won played a supporting role in The Heirs (2013) and was cast as the second lead couple with Jin Goo for Descendants Of The Sun (2016). She landed her first lead role for the 2017 drama Fight For My Waya drama about two best friends who end up falling for each otheropposite Park Seo Joon!


4. In 2018, Kim Ji Won hardly used social media and she explained why:

"I'm the type to separate my personal life from my work. When I appear in a drama, I'd like people to focus on that character only." (via Soompi)

5. There was an unaired kissing scene between Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo from Descendants Of The Sun

Apparently, it was *really intense* and was filmed with 200 soldiers as extras in cooperation with the military. In an interview, Jin Goo shared: "The soldiers cheered when I kissed her on the forehead first. The moment we kissed each other on the lips, the soldiers went wild. They weren't even instructed to do that."

6. She thinks falling in love with a co-actor is possible. 

When talking about the engagement news of her Descendants Of The Sun co-stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in 2017, Kim Ji Won said: "I really want to congratulate them. Meeting someone you love and spending the rest of your life with them is such a happy thought. I am very envious...I have yet to even consider falling in love on set, but I guess the possibility is always out there." 

7. Kim Ji Won ALMOST became Park Bo Gum's leading lady.

In 2016, Soompi reported that Kim Ji Won was being considered for the role of Ra On in the Joseon Dynasty historical romance Love In The Moonlight. The role was eventually given to Kim Yoo Jung.

8. She was ~rumored~ to be dating Park Seo Joon.

The pair worked together in Fight For My Way, and their chemistry was so obvious that fans thought their romance might be real! However, Park Seo Joon cleared the issue in April 2017 and said: "We are not dating. It's not like that." He added, "On my personal feelings, I can say that she was amazing. I want to work with her again, and I hope we can do so in a few years."

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9. Kim Ji Won says people sometimes call her a "Worry Doll."

Because she gets super ~absorbed~ in her roles, Kim Ji Won said in an interview: "No matter what production I join, I'm the type to always have a lot of worries and concerns. It's to the point where the people around me call me a 'Worry Doll.'"


10. When she was asked to choose between Jin Goo and Park Seo Joon, she chose PSJ! 

It happened during the 2017 KBS Drama Awards. No doubt about it: It was a really hard question and we see Kim Ji Won *struggling*! However, Seo Joon was standing right next to her at that time so the answer was quite clear. You can watch the adorable clip below: 


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