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This Is The Reason Kim's Christmas Card Doesn't Include The Full Kardashian-Jenner Family

This year's card features just the Wests.
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Kim Kardashian West unveiled her annual family Christmas card and it is utterly adorable. Featuring Kim, Kanye, and their four children, North, 6, Saint, 4, Chicago who is almost 2, and Psalm who is 7 months old, Kim captioned the photo, "The West Family Christmas Card 2019."

However, with Kim's extravagant Christmas cards previously involving the whole Kardashian-Jenner family (and there have been some pretty epic ones), fans have been wondering why only the West family feature on Kim's card this year.

It seems like the end of the whole-family Kardashian Christmas card has been a long time coming, with Kim revealing in 2017 that coordinating the whole family for a snap was, understandably, really difficult (and then Kylie wasn't even there!).

Explaining Kim's decision to avoid the full-family pic this year, a source told Us Weekly that "Kim and the rest of the family could not really agree on a card this year and so Kim wanted to do her own."

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The source continued, "There are so many schedules and people involved and it was constant arguing and too much stress."

TBH, with Kim, KourtneyKhloe, and Kylie having nine kids between them, we can't imagine the coordination (and constant crying) involved. Rather you than us, Kim.

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But we're not losing hope on a 2019 Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card just yet, as a card could still arrive closer to Christmas. The source revealed that while the much-awaited card may yet appear, "no one is leading it and pushing for it," besides Kris Jenner.

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They added, "Everyone kind of agrees, besides Kris, that it is a pain to organize and plan."

Sure, it might be a pain, but it's worth it just for shots like 2008's card where Kylie was... up a ladder. It's tradition, guys!


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