This Is Why Kim Kardashian Will Always Defend Kanye West

It has something to do with her sex tape.

It's safe to say that Kanye West has ruffled a few feathers with his many controversial tweets, pro-Trump rants and claims that slavery was a choice. Even Kris Jenner didn't hold back on her feelings about his recent trip to the White House to visit Donald Trump in a "Make America Great Again" hat.

It may have caused some people to change their opinions on the rapper, but Kim Kardashian has always publicly stuck up for her husband.

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Speaking to Van Jones on a recent episode of The Messy Truth, the 38-year-old defended Kanye's right to voice his opinion, even though she may not agree with it:

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"He's put himself up against the world for me when everyone told him 'You cannot date a girl with a sex tape. You cannot date a reality show girl. It's going to ruin your career.' Everyone told him that. And to me, he was like 'You're not going to tell me what to do. I'll let you know it's going to be okay.' He always was that strength for me so I’ll always love and appreciate him for always standing up for me."

And while Kim was reportedly "embarrassed" by Kanye’s pro-Trump rant on SNL earlier this month, she fired back to those who criticised her for not interjecting him:

"What did you want me to do? Get up on stage and sing? Like what did you want me to do? I listen to him," she told Van Jones. "Afterwards, I might let him know that I can help him communicate that a little bit better and, you know, we should work on that."

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She continued: "The people around him let him know that what he said might not be what he means and try to help him work on it. But I know his heart so we are working on expressing that."

The  Keeping Up with the Kardashians star also went on to compare how he might take "four years to write a song" but that "he might not be the best communicator" when tweeting something quickly without thinking:

"It takes him about four years to write a song to communicate what he wants to say. So when he tweets something in two seconds—what's going on in his mind, and what he thinks and what he's trying to say—he might not be the best communicator but he has the best heart and I know what he means. I believe in him, and I believe that his message of what the hat represents to him is maybe different [than] what it represents to other people. He is very mindful about that.... Maybe [he] doesn't express that. But what it means to him is something totally different, and I trust in him that he will explain that in his own way."

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Fair enough.


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