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Check Out Kim Kardashian's *Totally* Raw And Unedited Pictures

And guess what, she’s serving looks both online and IRL!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/kimkardashian; (right) RAYMOND HALL/GETTY IMAGES
  • Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram photo of herself attending an event, and paparazzi were there, giving us an Instagram vs. reality moment.
  • You can see what Kim’s unedited pics look like, below.

Haven’t been keeping up with Kim Kardashian lately? Don’t worry, I gotchu! Kim and Kanye West attended Fashion Group International’s 2019 Night of Stars event, where their friend, fashion designer Rick Owens, received an honor that evening. And naturally, since it’s a fashion event, Kim went all out!

Kim looked absolutely stunning in a figure-hugging, metallic silver bodycon dress. And you know, as per usual, Kim posted the best shots of herself and Kanye at the event to her Instagram account, where she looked nothing short of polished perfection.

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But of course, since this was a major star-studded event, the paparazzi were also around to capture what Kim looked like before the pictures got posted to social media, offering the chance to see what Kim truly looks like without any editing or retouching. Honestly, Kim’s makeup was hella on-point and she looked just as flawless on both Instagram and IRL. I am shook!

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As you can see, there really isn’t much editing here to be seen! The major thing that Kim did was just edit the saturation to make the colors in the pictures look more muted. There might also be a touch of skin smoothing, but Kim’s skin looks ridiculously smooth in the paparazzi shots, too, so that’s up for debate.

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Kim and the rest of her sisters tend to receive a lot of flack for photoshopping their pictures, but Kim pretty much looks exactly the same in this photoset, which is super refreshing. Me, on the other hand? Yeahhh, gimme all the Photoshop and Facetune in the world because lord knows I need it!


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