Kim Kardashian Gets Called Out For Cultural Appropriation After Trying To Trademark 'Kimono'

Er, this isn't a great look.
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Kim Kardashian is dealing with not one, but two, controversies on Twitter right now, and honestly, it seems exhausting. Not only are some fans calling out her new Body Foundation for promoting unrealistic beauty standards (more on that over here), but people are not down with the name of her new shapewear line: Kimono.

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Kimonos are traditional Japanese garments that have zero to do with SPANX-esque shapewear. And it's one thing for Kim to use the name. It's another for her to try and trademark it, which is exactly what she did according to the Los Angeles Times (Kimono, Kimono Body, Kimono Intimates, and Kimono World are among the trademarks filed and waiting for review).

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Critics are taking to social media to call Kim out for appropriation, with comments ranging from "My culture is not your plaything," to "My culture is not your brand name generator." People are also sharing pictures of themselves in *actual* kimonos as a reminder about where the name originates from.

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Kim hasn't responded to the criticism, but it seems unlikely that she didn't know there'd be backlash going into this. In fact, TMZ reported last year that Kim had filed documents to trademark "Kimono Intimates," and there was plenty of negative response at the time.

Seems like it would have been pretty hard for her to ignore it, right?

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