Kim Kardashian Is Being Mom-Shamed For Letting North West Wear Lipstick To Church

Ugh, can she live?
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In case you hadn't noticed, Kanye West moonlights as the organizer of a small church service for rich/famous/fancy people! And North West has been attending every event and fully stealing the spotlight. Like...THIS! IS! A! VIBE!

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But because the internet is terrible, Twitter has decided to take issue with the fact that North is rocking lipstick at church. Which, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh—she's just a little kid having fun! Anyway, here’' a sampling of tweets for you to eye-roll at. Or agree with, if that's how you roll!

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Sigh at literally all of this, but um...FYI, back in December, Kim told Refinery29, "I don't think [North] should wear lashes or too dark of a lipstick." That said, she added that makeup "is a form of expression. So I want her to express herself, but I want her to be appropriate too."

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