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Kim Kardashian's Feminine Fragrance

The mommy-to-be releases her new fragrance, Pure Honey, in September.

Kim Kardashian's newest fragrance represents "pure femininity." The pregnant reality TV star releases her sixth perfume, Pure Honey, in September, and describes the scent as "warm and inviting."

Unlike the white floral top notes of her previous fragrances, Pure Honey contains raw, wild honeycomb and rose notes and Kim says the whole concept was her idea.

She told WWD: "I am super involved from start to finish—on bottle design to ad campaign. I had this really great honey idea, so we moved away from just florals. "[I wanted a] soft, beautiful concept for the ad and I wanted to make sure that the bottle had the little bee on it."

Kim, who is in a relationship with Kanye West , admitted she can't resist buying new perfumes whenever she travels anywhere. She told WWD: "Everywhere I go I pretty much pick up a fragrance."

Her sense of smell has changed, however, since she became pregnant, so she is more selective of the fragrances she wears, and is currently favoring her own "Glam."

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