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Kim Kardashian Slams A Fat-Shamer And Wins The Internet

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on December 1, 2015!

1 Kim Kardashian was called a fat bitch on Twitter since she's been eating so much sweets lately. The reality TV star tweeted "Of course I had to fly to Paris for fashion and foooood," and someone replied "all u think about is food fat bitch [sic]." Kim then replied with "Yup!" because there's no shame in loving food, and clearly, haters aren't worth her time and energy. She did follow up with another tweet that read "I am soooo not worried about my weight and what others think. I am confident in my bounce back game lol." Her thousands of followers couldn't get over how well she handled it. (Cosmopolitan)

2 Joe Jonas just unfollowed his ex Gigi Hadid and deleted his photo (captioned #SQUAD) with Zayn Malik, whom Gigi is reportedly dating now. Joe and Gigi split up early in November, and the Victoria's Secret Angel moved on after two or three weeks by going out with Zayn. Or so it seems. The model tweeted, "Sometimes life just happens. For whatever reason in whatever timing. And sometimes it doesn't make sense 'til it does. That's it." People are speculating that the tweet, which has been deleted, was for Joe. (Us Weekly)

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John Legend definitely made his wife Chrissy Teigen feel special on her 30th birthday! The singer hired the highly acclaimed Momofuku restaurant to cater her party, so there was really good food to share with family and friends. And since he's a really talented singer, John serenaded Chrissy to a new decade. (Cosmopolitan)

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4 Katrina Halili no longer fusses about having a 24-inch waistline. She says "Hindi na ako ganung ka-obsessed maging sexy. Noon kasi, sarili ko lang ang iniisip ko, na kailangan sexy ako, payat ako." But since she's become a mom, she's put her vanity aside and placed all her attention to her child Katie. "Ang importante ay nasa maayos na kalagayan ang anak ko at masaya akong makitang malusog at happy ang baby ko." (PEP)

5 The mom of Angelica Jane Yap, aka Pastillas Girl, was shot dead in a karinderia in Caloocan City on Sunday, November 29. Teresa Yap, a barangay councilor, had just finished hearing mass with another child and her niece before a man walked toward her and shot her in the head. The gunman escaped. Teresa was brought to the hospital but was later pronounced dead. A relative says the councilor has been receiving death threats. Investigations are ongoing. (PEP)