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7 Kim Min Kyu K-Dramas And Movies Because We Know You Love Him

7 Kim Min Kyu Dramas And Movies That You Need To Watch
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/happytribe_ent, Business Proposal/SBS

Known for his chiseled looks, adorable dimples, and his acting chops (of course!), Kim Min Kyu is on our radar of rising Korean stars to watch out for in 2022. Born on Christmas Day, the 27-year-old actor debuted in the 2013 K-drama Monster. In 2017, he became a hot topic when he wowed audiences with his singing in the variety show I Can See Your Voice. After that, he appeared in a series of films and movies culminating in his first lead role as King Yi Kyung in the historical drama Queen: Love And War. In his latest project, Business Proposal, he plays mild-mannered chief secretary Cha Sung Hoon. Fans can't get enough of his onscreen puppy-like charm that continues to draw so much online attention. Here are seven top picks to add to your watchlist!

Kim Min Kyu dramas

  1. Perfume (2019)
    Who else is in it: Shin Sung Rok, Ha Jae Sook, Go Won Hee, Cha Ye Ryun

    In this fantasy rom-com, middle-aged woman Min Jae Hee (Ha Jae Sook) decides to put an end to her miserable life when she finds out that her husband is having an affair. Before she completes her suicide attempt, she receives a mysterious perfume that transforms her into her pre-marriage and pre-plus size self (Go Won Hee). She embraces her newfound youth by pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a model. Her success as a model catches the eye of Seo Yi Do (Shin Sung Rok) and before she knows it, she's caught in a love triangle between him and top celebrity Yoon Min Seok (Kim Min Kyu). The drama pulls viewers into the Korean fashion industry and proves that inner beauty shines bright.

    Perfume Trailer 1 | SHIN SUNG ROK, GO WON HEE

  2. Queen: Love And War (2019)
    Who else is in it: Jin Se Yeon, Dong Sang Woo, Lee Yul Yum

    In order to find her twin sister’s killer, Kang Eun Bo (Jin Se Yeon) vows to become queen of the Joseon Dynasty. Eun Bo joins the selection process disguised under a new name and finds herself in the thick of a royal mystery as she competes against other eligible women who also want to be queen. Will our street-smart heroine win the heart of King Yi Kyung (Kim Min Kyu) and avenge her sister's death? This historical drama is packed with palace politics, fantasy elements like reincarnation, and the right amount of kilig moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

    SUB Trailer: Queen: Love and War iQIYI

  3. Backstreet Rookie (2020)
    Who else is in it: Ji Chang Wook, Kim Yoo Jung

    Based on popular webtoon Convenience Store Saet Byul, Backstreet Rookie is a quirky feel-good drama about handsome (but very awkward) convenience store owner Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) and how his world literally flips when he hires wacky and unpredictable part-timer Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung). Completely forgetting that they crossed paths a few years ago, Dae Hyun isn't aware that Saet Byul has had a crush on him since they first met! Keep your eyes peeled for Kim Min Kyu's special appearance as Kang Ji Wook, Saet Byul's friend from elementary school!

    Trailer: Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung sweet love coming |Backstreet Rookie iQIYI

  4. Snowdrop (2021)

    Who else is in it: Jung Hae In, BLACKPINK's Jisoo, Yoo In Na, Jang Seung Jo, Kim Hye Yoon

    watch now

    Set against Seoul's 1987 political scene, spy action drama Snowdrop revolves around the romance between Im Su Ho (Jung Hae In), a mysterious Korean-German economics student who crashes into a university women’s dorm wounded and on the run, and Eun Young Ro (BLACKPINK's Jisoo), an English major in her freshman year who takes him in and nurses him back to health. Kim Min Kyu plays Joo Gyeok Chan, a ruthless North Korea military officer turned spy with a soft spot for fellow comrades.

    No Ordinary Love Story | Snowdrop | Disney+

  5. Business Proposal (2022)
    Who else is in it: Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim SejeongSeol In Ah

    This drama's love square begins when heiress Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah) asks her BFF, Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong) to go on a blind date with chaebol CEO Kang Tae Mu using her identity with the aim of "getting rejected," so she can escape a possible arranged marriage orchestrated by her father. Things go off course when Tae Mu is smitten by Ha Ri (who realizes that he is the CEO of the company she works for!). Ha Ri is revealed to be the fake Young Seo when Cha Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu), Tae Mu's chief secretary, crosses paths with the real Young Seo and eventually falls for her
    Kim Se-jeong is determined to ruin her date with Ahn Hyo-seop | Business Proposal Ep 1 [ENG SUB]

Kim Min Kyu movies

  1. Chasing (2016)
    Who else is in it: Kim Seung Woo, Kim Jung Tae, VIXX's Hyuk, Shin Kang Woo

    CEO Kim Seung Joo and homicide detective Kim Jung Tae have known each other for years. Both get mugged by a gang of high school students. Seung Joo loses his phone while Jung Tae loses his gun. Join them in a fast-paced pursuit as they claim back their valuables from the fearless delinquents.

    Chasing (2016)

  2. The Battle Of Jangsari (2019)
    Who else is in it: Kim Myung Min, SHINee's Minho, Megan Fox

    Action hit The Battle Of Jangsari is based on the true story of 772 student soldiers who participated in a diversion mission at Jangsari beach—a vital operation that supported Korea's success in the Battle of Incheon during the Korean War. Headlining the film are Kim Myung Min who plays Lee Myung Joon, a guerrilla task force commander; SHINee's Minho as Choi Sung Pil, squad commander of the student soldiers; and Megan Fox as journalist and war correspondent Marguerite Higgins. Kim Min Kyu stars in a supporting role as Choi Sung Pil's cousin Choi Jae Pil.

    BATTLE OF JANGSARI Official Trailer (2019) Megan Fox, Minho Choi Movie HD


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