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9 Kim Nam Gil K-Dramas And Movies That You Should Watch Right Now

He has an upcoming series with Cha Eun Woo!
9 Kim Nam Gil K-Dramas And Movies That You Should Watch Right Now

Kim Nam Gil is a veteran actor considered to be the *idol* of many Korean actors. With more than three decades of acting experience under his belt, he has starred in numerous critically-acclaimed and popular films and dramas like Queen Seondeok and The Fiery Priest, to name a few. He is so popular among Korean stars that even BTS' Jin revealed that he's a big fan! Kim Nam Gil is set to star alongside Cha Eun Woo and Lee Da Hee in the upcoming fantasy exorcism OCN drama Island.

While we await the drama's premiere, let's look back at Kim Nam Gil’s most notable acting projects:

Early projects

  1. No Regret (2006)
    Who else is in it: Lee Young Hoon, Kim Dong Wook

    Known for being South Korea’s *first* LGBTQIA+ film, No Regret revolves around the story of a gay orphan named Lee Su Min (Lee Young Hoon) who unexpectedly attracts the attention of Song Jae Min (Kim Nam Gil), a chaebol's son. The two start a ~steamy~ relationship and all seems well for them until Jae Min is forced by his parents to marry a woman. This leads heartbroken Su Min to get revenge, showing just how deadly love can be.

    Trailer | No Regret | Here.TV

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  2. Portrait Of A Beauty (2008)
    Who else is in it: Kim Gyu Ri, Kim Young Ho

    Portrait Of A Beauty is a gender-bender sageuk film about the love affair between Shin Hyun Bok (Kim Gyu Ri), a talented female painter who disguises herself as a man, and Kang Mu (Kim Nam Gil), a mirror maker. As their relationship progress, Hyun Bok's paintings soon take on a more erotic nature, endangering her most guarded secret. ICYDK, the story is based on a male Joseon painter with the same name but the film reimagines him as a woman disguising as a man.

    PORTRAIT OF A BEAUTY Official Int'l Main Trailer

  3. Queen Seondeok (2009)
    Who else is in it: Lee Yo Won, Nam Ji Hyun, After School's Uee, Kim Yoo Jung

    Kim Nam Gil stars as Bidam, a loyal Silla officer who (tragically) falls in love with Queen Seondeok (Lee Yo Won). Bidam's love is put to the test when he gets wrapped up in palace politics and the secrets of his *royal* bloodline. Queen Seondeok is a critically acclaimed 62-episode historical drama regarded to be Kim Nam Gil's breakout work. For his impressive performance in the drama, Kim Nam Gil bagged the Best New TV Actor Award at the 2010 Baeksang Arts Awards.

    2009 The Great Queen Seondeok

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  4. Pandora (2016)
    Who else is in it: Jung Jin Young, Kim Dae Myung

    Kang Jae Hyuk (Kim Nam Gil) is a long-time nuclear power plant worker who longs to leave his small town behind to work on a fishing vessel. His plans are put on hold when an earthquake hits the town, resulting in a nuclear meltdown. Jae Hyuk races against time to prevent the spread of radiation across Korea and makes the ultimate sacrifice.

    Pandora (2016)

  5. The Fiery Priest (2019)
    Who else is in it: Kim Sung Kyun, Honey Lee 

    NIS agent-turned-Catholic priest Kim Hae Il (Kim Nam Gil) joins hands with a detective and a prosecutor to uncover the mystery behind his mentor's death. This dark comedy drama helped Kim Nam Gil earn the Daesang at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards.

    The Fiery Priest Trailer | Watch with subs 12h after Korea!

Recent projects

  1. The Closet (2020)
    Who else is in it: Ha Jung Woo, Heo Yool

    After the tragic death of his wife, Sang Won (Ha Jung Woo) decides to move to a new house with his 11-year-old daughter Yi Na (Heo Yool). Strange things start happening at their new home leading to Yi Na disappearing without a trace. The news of the child’s disappearance reaches exorcist Kyung Hoon (Kim Nam Gil) who believes Yi Na is trapped in the closet.

    THE CLOSET Official Int'l Main Trailer

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  2. Through The Darkness (2022)
    Who else is in it: Jin Sun Kyu, Kim So Jin

    Loosely based on the life of Korea’s first criminal profiler Kim Il Yong, Through The Darkness is a crime drama that follows the charismatic criminal profiler Song Ha Young (Kim Nam Gil) as he digs deep into the minds of criminals inspired by South Korea's most infamous serial killers.

    [Trailer] Through the Darkness starring Kim Nam Gil | Coming to Viu on 15 Jan

Upcoming projects

  1. Island (TBA)
    Who else is in it: Cha Eun Woo, Lee Da Hee, Sung Joon

    Island is a star-studded fantasy exorcism drama about four individuals who are forced to battle the forces of evil on Jeju island. Kim Nam Gil will be starring as Pan, a complex character burdened with the responsibility of protecting the world from evil. The drama is expected to air on OCN in 2022.

  2. Thief: Sound Of The Sword (TBA)
    Who else is in it: Girls' Generation's Seohyun, Lee Ho Jung

    Set in 1920s South Korea, this upcoming Netflix drama centers around the experiences of former slave-turned-soldier Lee Yoon (Kim Nam Gil) during the Korean independence movement. Girls' Generation's Seohyun is in talks to play the female lead.

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