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9 *Interesting* Facts About Kim Sejeong That You'll Love To Know

She's called 'God Sejeong' for a reason!
8 Things You Need To Know About Kim Sejeong

You already know that Kim Sejeong can act (she's called the Emma Stone of South Korea because of her role in Business Proposal!)—but did you know that she can also sing, write songs, dance, host, be an ace in variety shows, and is good at sports? One of her ~life goals~ is to become a triple threat but our Sejeong has achieved more than that! You're probably curious about her many, many talents so we've prepared a guide about her that will turn you into the *ultimate* Sesang (her fandom name which means "world" in Korean).

Here are nine facts about Kim Sejeong:

  1. Her birthday is on August 28, 1996.
    And that makes her a 25-year-old Virgo! Those under this sign are detail-oriented, very organized, and reliable. You'll see that Sejeong has all of these traits when you scroll down.
    Kim Sejeong birthday
  2. Kim Sejeong had a difficult childhood.
    Sejeong once shared that she grew up poor and had to eat lunch in school using a card for students who can't afford to buy food. In an episode of JTBC's With You, the Hallyu star opened up about her family's struggles. "When my family first came up to Seoul, we lived in a house that was about 40 square meters. We lived in my aunt's house."

    Sejeong's parents got divorced when she was young and she, along with her brother, was raised by her eomma. She credits her mom—who had to work different jobs before becoming an accountant at the age of 40for providing their needs the best way that she can. Sejeong would often tear up whenever her mom is mentioned because she has witnessed how she raised her and his brother on her own.

    Sejeong's dream is to buy two houses on Jeju Island: One where she can live with her mom while the other is to have it rented. As you can see, she loves her soooo much that one of her songs, "Flower Road," is actually an ode to her eomma. Aww!
    SEJEONG - Flower Way | [Music Bank Hot Debut / 2016.11.25]
  3. Kim Sejeong wanted to become a singer when she was young.
    In elementary school, Sejeong was a part of the broadcasting club as an announcer and this made her want to pursue voice acting. She eventually realized that singing is her passion and it motivated her to audition for more than 20 (!!!) agencies, including SM Entertainment. Talk about determination!
    Kim Sejeong
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  4. She made her debut in the industry as a K-pop idol.
    Back in 2012, Sejeong joined the reality competition K-pop Star 2 when she was just 16 years old. She did not make it to the second round but was chosen by the then CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, as a wildcard. Here's her performance of BIGBANG's Taeyang's "I Need A Girl" with Jo Yoon Min:
    (Cho Yunmin) (Kim sejung) [I Need a Girl] @KPOPSTAR Season 2

    Four years after, Sejeong joined another survival show and it's Produce 101. This program paved the way for her to be called "God Sejeong" because she always ranked first or second every week out of several trainees! Sejeong eventually placed second overall with more than 500,000 votes and debuted as a member of the hit girl group, I.O.I.
    (I.O.I) - Dream Girls MV

    Since I.O.I is a project group and had to inevitably disband, Sejeong debuted in Jellyfish Entertainment's first-ever girl group, gugudan, in 2016. Sadly, the girls parted ways in 2020. Sejeong then continued her career as a solo artist.
    gugudan - 'The Boots' Official M/V

    [MV] SEJEONG _ Plant
  5. She bagged the lead role in School 2017.
    Prior to this, Sejeong only made special cameos in K-dramas and it was School 2017 (her first project with Business Proposal co-star Seol In Ah!) that ~allowed the world~ to discover her acting chops. Soon, she was cast in the mystery rom-com I Wanna Hear Your Song and the fantasy drama The Uncanny Counter.
    [1Click Scene] Kim Sejeong gives Kim Junghyun a 'Back hug'! (School 2017 Ep.9)

    The Uncanny Counter | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

    Sejeong is also a mainstay in variety shows such as Busted! and Baek Jong Won's Alley Restaurant. For a list of her must-watch shows, click here.
  6. You'll admire her financial habits.
    As a Virgo, Sejeong is indeed organized even when it comes to her hard-earned moolah! In her I Live Alone guesting, she revealed that she has nine bankbooks—this includes her everyday expenses, allowance for her family, savings, and two other installment savings. She also lists down her anticipated expenses.
  7. Her role model is IU.
    Queens supporting queens! Sejeong has always admired IU (who is also known for being multitalented) so when she shared one of her performances, she can't help but post it on IG. "What on earth did I do in my past life? Did I save the country? Did I unify the three kingdoms? Did I invent contact lenses and fried chicken?", Sejeong wrote.
    Kim Sejeong and IU
  8. Kim Sejeong has a pet dog.
    Which is named Doenjang and translates to "soybean paste" in Korean! Her bb even has an Instagram account. Cute!
    Kim Sejeong and Doenjang
  9. Her next project is with Nam Yoon Su.
    Fresh from the oven: Sejeong is confirmed to lead Today's Webtoon, the remake of the Japanese drama Sleepeeer Hit!, with Extracurricular actor Nam Yoon Su! She will play the role of "rookie contract employee On Ma Eum who enters the webtoon editorial department after beating all odds," according to Soompi.


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