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You'll Be Able To Watch 'Kingdom' Season 2 Sooner Than You Think

The zombies are back!
PHOTO: kingdom/netflix

The idea of zombies in Joseon dynasty-era Korea might seem absurd, but Netflix original Kingdom makes it work. The second season's premiere was announced in October 2019, with teasers for the upcoming season getting everyone hyped (and in the meantime, there's a list of flicks to watch while waiting). After more than a year, you'll finally get more episodes: Season 2 of Kingdom will start streaming Netflix on March 13.

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Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji Hoon) still seeks answers about his father's health, and instead of clarity, he finds the rest of Joseon infected and turned into flesh-hungry zombies. The ambitious Cho Hak Ju (Ryu Seung Ryeong), physician Seo Bi (Bae Doona), guardian Mu Yeong (Kim Sang Ho), marksman Yeong Shin (Kim Sung Kyu), village official Beom Pal (Jeon Seok Ho), and stern Queen Consort Cho (Kim Hye Jun) are back, and you'll see them standing on a rooftop, trapped by the rabid army of zombies down below. Season 2 also sees the addition of the mysterious head of the Royal Commandery Division, Min Chi Rok, who has come to Hanyang for a murder investigation.

Kingdom Season 2 starts streaming on March 13 on Netflix.


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