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Here's Kisses Delavin ~*Nailing*~ Beauty Pageant Questions In 2018

'Anyone in the world can be right, but not everybody can be kind.'
kisses delavin miss universe philippines

The official candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 have been announced, and a contestant everyone's got their eyes on is 22-year-old actress Kisses Delavin! Kisses recently posted some life updates on Insta, saying: "I'll get to enjoy the small joys in life like heels and pretty dresses again at the Miss Universe Philippines!" 

kisses delavin beauty pageant
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Kisses Delavin's pageant *Q&A* with Tito Boy

A throwback video of Kisses has also been making its rounds on social media, which was filmed during her guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda. The vid, which was posted in December 2018, features Kisses answering fun Miss Universe questions from Tito Boy! She answered them with such ~grace~ that after the first question, Tito Boy even said: "Tanggap ko na, I am second runner-up." 

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One question reads: "If there were no rules and you could be outrageous for one day, what would you do?" 

"I would go to every politician that ever robbed in our nation and I would take that away and give it to the right hands. And I thank you," Kisses said, adding, "But, of course, I would be very afraid." 

Another question was: "Would you rather be kind or right?" 

Kisses' answer earned cheers and applause from the audience! "In this lifetime, I would rather be kind than right. Because anyone in the world can be right, but not everybody can be kind. And I believe that if there's one thing in the world that's so beautiful, it's that even [if] the world can be so harsh to you, even [if] the world can grip you and break you into pieces, you can still be kind. And I think that's power." 

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You can watch the full vid below: 


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