Kit Harington Revealed What Really Happened To Jon Snow After The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale

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Major Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. If you don't wanna see any, just watch the show already!

It's been four months since Game of Thrones ended and nope, we're still not done talking about it! If you haven't been seething about the finale all along, let me refresh your memory.

To end the most epic show in history, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss decided to turn Daenerys Targaryen into a "mad queen" after years of not fully developing that character arc, they kept Cersei Lannister in a castle drinking wine the whole time, they made Bran Stark the ruler after Tyrion Lannister's speech that kept unnecessarily mentioning how Bran is paralyzed, and they had Jon Snow kill Daenerys. For a lot of fans, it was a hot-ass mess that made zero sense. But Kit Harington just revealed the true meaning of the series finale and it might give you some closure.

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At the very end of the finale, Jon went past the Wall and went north with the Free Folk/Wildlings. At the time, everyone was wondering what his five-year plan was, but Benioff and Weiss didn't write that into the script because they were busy adding "dumb" plot points that they said had no real meaning. Regardless! Kit is here to explain it all!

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Talking to the Hollywood Reporter, Kit said Jon would spend time post-finale being free and living with his chosen family. He said, "Seeing him go beyond the Wall back to something true, something honest, something pure with these people he was always told he belongs with—the Free Folk—it felt to me like he was finally free."

And as for what Jon supposedly thinks about killing Dany, he is totally unbothered because he thought he was doing the right thing and is free now. Kit explained, "It was a really sweet ending. As much as he had done a horrible thing [in killing Daenerys], as much as he had felt that pain, the actual ending for him was finally being released."

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But that's just one man's opinion! I will continue thinking Jon's going to sulk in remorse for the rest of his life!


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