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Comedienne KitKat Talks About Getting A Nose And Boob Job + Being Called 'Retokada'

'E talaga namang retokada ako!'

Filipino celebrities are becoming more open about getting plastic surgery. PEP reports that actress, singer, and variety show host KitKat recently got candid about undergoing different beauty procedures during a guesting for the podcast Over A Glass Or Two.

"Yung boobs ko nagbago, dalawang beses 'yan. Yung ilong ko nagbago," a very transparent KitKat said. She added that she recently got non-invasive lip and chin fillers, too. "Sa mukha ko, basically ang sinurgery lang talaga ilong. Kaya lang nagkataon, apat na beses 'to." KitKat said the reason why she had her breasts and nose done more than once was because she switched doctors and endorsed each one of them.

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KitKat on bashers calling her retokada

KitKat adds the sometimes she would laugh at bashers when they call her retokada: "Ang sagot ko, 'San ka galing? E talaga namang retokada ako!' Pero mas marami pang retoke yung iba sa akin. Ilong lang naman yung gawa sa face ko e, at saka yung boobs koPero yung iba, buong mukha, 'di ba?"

Over A Glass Or Two hosts Jcas and Jessy loved her honesty, and KitKat said she doesn't consider being called retokada as an insult: "'Pag tinatanong [ako], may basher ka baRetokada. E hindi naman bash 'yon e!" 

KitKat recently guested on the show Magandang Buhay and has had hosting stints on the variety shows Happy Time and It's Showtime. You can watch the whole Over A Glass Or Two interview below: 


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