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10 Korean Action Movies On Netflix That Will Give You *Adrenaline Rush*

These films are waiting for you to be explored!
10 Must-Watch Korean Action Movies On Netflix

There's nothing like heating up a big bag of popcorn to munch on, finding a comfortable spot to lay down on your bed, and putting on an action-packed movie. It's not quite the relaxing leisure watch people find the time for during their breaks, but it's also not exactly the same as heading out to the cinema to catch a blockbuster. It's a happy mix of both, to provide you thrills and adrenaline during times you'd otherwise spend lounging around.

The genre of Korean action movies, in particular, is relatively untapped when it comes to today's audiences. Sure, you have the typical Netflix binger who knows the zombie thrillers Train To Busan and #Alive, as well as the action connoisseur who has undoubtedly seen Peninsula and Extreme Job. Other than those, there's still a variety of action movie titles waiting to be explored and turned into household names. We've rounded up some of the Korean action movies you should get on your radar.


Here are 10 Korean action movies on Netflix to make your life exciting again:

1. Midnight Runners (2017)

Kicking off this list is a recent addition to Netflix's streaming library, Midnight Runners. The movie brings with it classic buddy cop antics turned up to 11, thanks to the physical performances of and chemistry between its leads, Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. Revolving around two budding police recruits who stumble upon their own kidnapping case, Midnight Runners provides enough grit, heart, and laughs all in a compact 109-minute runtime.

Midnight Runners Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie

2. Hitman: Agent Jun (2020)

Speaking of grit and laughs, this particular Netflix hidden gem tells the story of a remarkable hitman, trained from a young age to become an assassin, who gives up said life to become a comic book artist. Yup, Barry's got nothing on Agent Jun. Only, Agent Jun resorts to drawing about his previous life as a hitman in order to produce sales as a struggling artist, which ultimately catches the attention of his former employers. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more peculiar action film on Netflix.

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Hitman_Agent Jun_Main Trailer_Int'l

3. The Drug King (2018)

A more slow-burn action film with the occasional violent outburst, The Drug King follows the legendary Song Kang Ho portraying a small-time drug dealer who rises up the criminal underworld to become the drug kingpin of Busan in the 1970s. The operations grow increasingly large that Kang Ho's character expands his drug trade past the borders of South Korea and even takes on the role of a community leader by day. While you try to decipher whether the story is based on real-life or based on Scarface (it's the former, by the way), it's also important to remember that Sense8 and Kingdom's Bae Doona co-stars, which is ultimately all that matters.

The Drug King (Korean Movie) Netflix Trailer - English

4. Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (2022)

A Korean action film centered on covert espionage being performed in Mainland China, Yaksha: Ruthless Operations pits the hired gun without morals, Ji Kang-in (portrayed by Public Enemy's Sol Kyung Gu), against the law-abiding believer of justice, Han Ji-hoon (portrayed by Squid Game and Money Heist: Korea's Park Hae Soo). It's a testosterone-filled contest of pride, ego, and bullets brought to the screen by two captivating actors, who are able to bring as much intensity to their performance, as is brought to the frenetic action sequences.


Yaksha: Ruthless Operations | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

5. Unstoppable (2018)

Thinking of a faster way to get audiences to come and see your action movie? Simply, cast Don Lee in the lead role. Between Train To Busan, The Roundup, and Eternals, it's clear no Korean action star is doing it like Don Lee. Unstoppable is another worthy addition to his belt, with a brooding protagonist burdened by his past, action where the punches aren't pulled back, and a title card that roars into the frame nearly 20 minutes into the movie and after a long close-up of Don Lee intently staring off camera. Now that is cinema.

Unstoppable Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Indie

6. Revenger (2018)

What would an action film list be without a martial arts entry? Not only that, a revenge story martial arts film where the protagonist ventures to a prison island filled with violent criminals. With fighters trading fists, sword slashes, and arrows in increasingly elaborate yet contained fight scenes, Revenger makes a case to be the B-action movie to put on and turn your brain off after a long day's worth of work. Who knows, all the kicks thrown around in the movie could even motivate one to finally get up and do leg day at the gym. 


REVENGER (2018) Trailer - Bruce Khan Action Movie [coming to Netflix]

7. Seoul Vibe (2022)

After finally securing a slot at the 1988 Summer Seoul Olympics, the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team gets mixed up in a conflict between corrupt government officials, prosecutors trying to bust them, and the Mafia, which makes the criminal racing team pull together a job a la Fast & Furious to come out with their wallets full and dreams fulfilled. Channeling both vehicular action and a zany heist thriller style, Seoul Vibe also provides a good amount of electronic music and dance sequences for the retro-loving audience. In the end, however, we're just suckers for anything with Burning and #Alive actor Yoo Ah In behind the wheel.

Seoul Vibe | Official Trailer | Netflix

8. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (2022)

For the action-adventure and fantasy crowd, The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure brings some levity and whimsy to your usual swashbucklin' adventure story. Yes, you get the epic inclusions of lost sea riches, vast armies, and boats of mischievous sailors (as well as a naval battle set against a lightning storm!). Ultimately, however, you'll be engrossed by the bonds forged between the characters and the chemistry between the cast, which is comprised of Masquerade's Han Hyo Joo and Forgotten's Kang Ha Neul.


The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure | Official Trailer | Netflix

9. Escape from Mogadishu (2021)

Escape From Mogadishu tells the story of diplomats from North and South Korea who wind up trapped in Mogadishu, Somalia during the outbreak of the civil war in 1991. A historically charged survival thriller, as you can gather, the film is a boots-on-the-ground perspective of the Somalian conflict that, in a way, attempts to present itself as a mirror to the ongoing conflict going on between the two Koreas. While not an action flick in the fisticuffs sense, Escape From Mogadishu will have you on the edge of your seat, dreading with anticipation to see if the characters' best efforts to make it to safety are not met with further tragedy.

ESCAPE FROM MOGADISHU (2021) Official Trailer

10. Night In Paradise (2020)

The revenge thriller Night In Paradise caps off this list in classic gangster and revenge film style; vignettes of characters being washed over with melancholy and loneliness, the blood-soaked criminal life being depicted as a purgatory-like curse, and lots of guys beating each other up in suits. If you're looking for the next brutal and ultra-violent loner to get obsessed over, Um Tae Goo in Night In Paradise is without a doubt your man!


Night in Paradise | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]


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