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All The K-Drama *Cameos* We Loved In 2020

There were soooo many!

2020 was definitely one of the best years for Korean dramas that a lot of us became hardcore fans in the past year alone. But one thing that surely keeps us excited while watching dramas is the fact that a lot of Hallyu stars love making cameo appearances! Most of them are usually friends of the lead stars or have previously worked with the drama's creative and production teams. In 2020, we were blessed with so many cameos from top actors, so we rounded up our faves! Here are the K-drama cameos we absolutely loved in 2020.

Kim Soo Hyun and Choi Ji Woo in Crash Landing On You

In Crash Landing On You, we were surprised when Kim Soo Hyun reprised his role, Dong-gu, from his 2013 movie Secretly Greatly. He played an elite North Korean spy who pretended to be a village idiot in South Korea. Another cameo appearance we loved was when Choi Ji Woo played herself in the drama to have lunch Stairway To Heaven fanboy and North Korean soldier Joo Muk (Yoo Soo Bin).


Jun Ji Hyun in Kingdom Season 2

Jun Ji Hyun appeared as a mysterious figure in the season finale of Kingdom Season 2. Her character will have a one-episode special, titled Kingdom: Ashin Of The North, and will drop on Netflix sometime in 2021.

Park Bo Gum in Itaewon Class

In Itaewon Class' final episode, Park Bo Gum appeared as a chef applying for a position in Kwon Nara's restaurant. FYI, Itaewon Class director Kim Sung Yoon was Bo Gum's director in his 2016 sageuk drama Love In The Moonlight.

Park Seo Joon, Lee Sung Kyung, and Hyeri in Record Of Youth

Since Record Of Youth is set in South Korea's entertainment industry, we were blessed with three cameo appearances from top stars! Park Seo Joon played model-turned-actor Song Min Su who presented the best actor award to Sa Hye Jun (Park Bo Gum). Lee Sung Kyung also played another model-turned-actor, Jin Seo U, who was partnered with Hye Jun as his new leading lady in their romance drama. Finally, we saw Reply 1988 stars Bo Gum and Hyeri reunite off-screen on Record Of Youth! Although they didn't share scenes together (Hyeri was partnered with Park So Dam in her cameo), they did get to catch up IRL.

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Yeo Jin Goo in Start-Up

Yeo Jin Goo voiced the role of Start-Up's AI speaker, Young Sil, all throughout the series, but it was in the finale episode where we finally saw him on-screen. Jin Goo played young and bright-eyed start-up owner, Hong Ji Seok, who eagerly pitched his services to Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho).

Kim Hye Yoon and Lee Jae Wook in True Beauty

Although True Beauty just started airing last month, it already had an adorable cameo from Kim Hye Yoon and Lee Jae Wook. The two played their Extraordinary You characters, Eun Dan Oh and Baek Kyung, whose movie date was cut short by Lee Suho (Cha Eun Woo). Fun fact: True Beauty director Kim Sang Hyub also worked on Extraordinary You.


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