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10 K-Drama Piggyback Scenes That Just Might Make You Believe In Love Again

From super kilig to nakakaiyak!

The classic Korean piggyback: We see it so often in K-dramas that we've almost convinced ourselves that this actually happens in real life! Over the years, we've encountered so many kilig piggyback scenes, which usually happen when the female lead has had a little too much alcohol or when she injures herself. There are also some cry-worthy ones, where the lead characters end up ~saying their goodbyes~! 

Here, we listed down some of the best piggyback scenes with the help of some Cosmo Girls: 

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

In this scene, Lee Sung Kyung aka Bok Joo gets sooo drunk that Nam Joo Hyuk's character has to improvise just to get her home safely! He tries carrying-slash-dragging her on his back, but it doesn't work. He ends up using a grocery cart to wheel her back to her house (he was pretty proud of himself, too). 

2. Vagabond (2019) 

Lee Seung Gi tells Suzy that he'll carry her whenever she wants, but not before joking that she's heavy! "This scene from Vagabond is one of the SUPER KONTING sweet moments nila before they destroyed everyone with an ending that answered NOTHING," says Viv

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3. Personal Taste 

Son Ye Jin's character was pretty drunk + she fell asleep on a bench and Lee Min Ho just left her there. BUT, HE WENT BACK! She ends up injuring her ankle and he *grumpily* carries her home. She reveals that it's the first time someone carried her like that because her dad never gave her a piggyback ride as a kid. 

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3. The Great Seducer (2018) 

Ysa shares: "I enjoyed this one from The Great Seducer because Woo Do Hwan starts off masungit (just the way I like it, lol) tapos he melts when Joy starts taking selfies in the middle of the piggyback ride." Also known as Tempted, this drama tells the story of a guy (Do Hwan) who makes a bet with his friends that he can seduce a college student (Joy) who doesn't believe in love. 

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4. Scarlet Heart (2016)

Yes, Hae Soo (IU) and 4th Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) had a cute piggyback scene, but remember the one with the 8th Prince? Cosmo Girl Ginyn shares: "This is not kilig: THE MOST HEARTBREAKING PIGGYBACK RIDE EVER, courtesy of one of the most heartbreaking K-dramas ever, Scarlet Heart. This was when *SPOILER ALERT* the wife of 8th Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) dies after telling her husband to take care of her cousin when she passes away. After she dies, that's the only time Wook realizes he loved her."  

6. Secret Life Of My Secretary (2019)

Aww, here's something new: There are no accidents and no one's drunk, because the lead characters are participating in a piggyback race! Spoiler alert: They win, of course. 

7. Suspicious Partner (2017)

 Ji Chang Wook carries a very drunk Nam Ji Hyun and even breaks into a run while at it! Their banter is just THE CUTEST. In this series, a prosecutor and a prosecutor-in-training end up working together on a mysterious murder case.

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8. Dr. Romantic Season 2 (2020) 

Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyeo Seop play two doctors who work with the famous Dr. Kim himself! In this scene, Sung Kyung faints and Hyeo Seop carries her on his back. In dramatic slow motion, he stops running to ask if she's okay and instead of answering, she holds on to him and cries on his shoulder. 

9. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (2016) 

The Crown Prince, played by Park Bo Gum, carries Kim Yoo Jung, who's still pretending to be a eunuch. He assures her that no one is around to see them, and she proceeds to tell him a sad fairy tale about a mermaid whose one true love married someone else. 

10. Boys Over Flowers (2009) 

Before she completely fell for Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho), Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun) was head over heels for Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Jung). When the heel of her shoe breaks, Ji Hoo kneels down and tells her to get on his back. Who would refuse that, right? What they don't know is that Jun Pyo is watching them from his car! 

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