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8 *Interesting* Things Pinays Really Want To Buy Because Of K-Dramas

*Adding these to my shopping list!*
PHOTO: (LEFT) Goblin/TVN, (RIGHT) Angelica Dizon

I don't know about you, but whenever I watch a K-drama, I end up wanting to buy EVERYTHING the lead characters have. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this! We'll do anything to feel like our fave characters. 

We recently asked Cosmo Girls about the most interesting K-drama items they've been wanting to buy (some were lucky enough to buy them already)! Here are some items to add to your wish list: 

1. Cassette Player 

Because of Reply 1988, I really want Deok Sun's MyMy cassette player that the guys won for her in the talent contest. I already have a player, but I want this exact model! I'm also planning to collect tapes now and I've been sifting through my parents' old records. Sana they still work.

2. A White Horse + Milk Tea 

"The King: Eternal Monarch is looking to be my favorite drama of all time (waaaah! I love it so much!), so I've been thinking about getting my own Maximus. I know, highly impossible! But a more attainable purchase that I've been craving for is a tall glass of milk tea from The Alley! I swear, they've been promoting that shop on each episode and dati wala naman akong paki doon. But now I wanna try it! Sayang lang the only available branches are far from my home. So 'til then, I'll live vicariously through TKEM."Cindy


3. Digital Door Locks 

"Gusto ko magpalagay ng touch sensor security sa pinto namin hahaha."Lara

"Me too, yung passcode doorknob sa kwarto ko ikakabit."Angel

Here's a not-so-kilig example, LOL: 

4. Ramyeon Pot + Ramyeon Itself 

"We have the gold pot for ramen cooking. Super useful at this time. It makes rice and ramen taste better!"Jasper 

"TBH, lagi na ako may ramyeon 'cos of my K-drama addiction. Mas masarap kumain ng noodles kapag napapanood mo sila na kumakain rin."Ira

5. Snowflake Pendant And Earrings

"The dainty pendant necklace (and of course I wanted my bf to buy it for me so I had to 'discretely' let him know)...and earrings from Descendants Of The Sun on Song Hye Kyo huhu!"Nina

6. Plushies  

"Stuffed toys! I got Mr. Buckwheat from Goblin and the octopus from Legend Of The Blue Sea. I'm planning to buy Grim Reaper and Son O Gong's plushie [soon]."Angelica

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Courtesy Of Angelica Dizon

7. Dyson Vacuum

For some reason, different versions of this vacuum cleaner are always featured in dramas and now we want our own! "I saw it in Crash Landing On YouRomance Is A Bonus Book, and Perfume."Titay 

8. Flip Phone 

Both Park Seo Joon and Kwon Nara surprised us by using touch screen flip phones in Itaewon Class. The phone they had is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. #WANT! 



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