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This Pinay K-Drama And K-Pop Fangirl Started A Korean Quiz Show On Kumu

Tessa Albea first watched the *iconic* Korean movie A Moment To Remember in 2004. She started listening to K-pop in 2007, and this led to a *lifetime* of becoming a certified K-drama and K-pop fangirl! Nowadays, she even hosts an online show on Kumu called KQuiz. "It's crazy because all of the relatable things when it comes to fangirling or fanboying always come out during KQuiz and it's just such a safe place," Tessa shares. 

Tessa tells Cosmo that her fave actor has always been Lee Min Ho because..."every single character that he's in, he makes me fall in love with him, right? We all feel like we are the main girl. Sorry, Kim Go Eun. But we always feel that we're the main girl." One of her fave merch items is actually a The King: Eternal Monarch book signed by him! 

Check out Episode 36 of Fangirl Diaries to know more about Tessa's love for all things K-drama and K-pop:  

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VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. LopezAndie Estella, Lily Grace Tabanera, and Louise Ferrer

VIDEO EDITED BY: Zelda Carreon

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