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10 Korean Content That You Need To Watch On Netflix Aside From K-Dramas And Movies

Korean variety shows, sitcoms, and documentaries on Netflix
PHOTO: Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix is not just home to your favorite K-dramas (like Hometown Cha-Cha-ChaSquid Game, and Hospital Playlist) and Korean movies (such as Alive, Sweet & Sour, and The Last Princess)—it's also chock full of other Korean titles that will make you sing, laugh, and hungry! Some of them will also show you what life is like as a celebrity. If you want a ~breather~ from the usual Korean content and you're looking for something candid, check out our list below:

Korean Variety Shows, Sitcoms, And Documentaries On Netflix:

1. BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky

Who's in it: BLACKPINK's Jennie, Lisa, Rose, Jisoo

The plot, according to Netflix: "Record-shattering Korean girl band BLACKPINK tell their story—and detail the hard-fought journey of the dreams and trials behind their meteoric rise."

2. Men On A Mission

Who's in it: Super Junior's Heechul, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, Lee Sang Min, Soo Jang Hoon, Min Kyung Hoon, Kim Young Chul, Lee Jin Ho

The plot, according to Netflix: "Male celebs play make-believe as high schoolers, welcoming star transfer student every week and engaging in a battle of witty humor and slapstick."

3. BIGBANG Made: The Movie

Who's in it: BIGBANG's G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri

The plot, according to Netflix: "This documentary of BIGBANG's 2015 world tour features live performances and behind-the-scenes footage of candid moments on and off the stage. "

4. So Not Worth It

Who's in it: Choi Youngjae, Park Se Wan, Shin Hyun Seung, (G)I-DLE's Minnie, Han Hyun Min, Carson Allen, Terris Brown, Joakim Sorensen


The plot, according to Netflix: "New friends, new loves, and new experiences mix together inside a colorful college dormitory in Korea that's home to students from around the world."

5. Paik's Spirit

Who's in it: Paik Jong Won, Lee Joon Gi, Kim Hee Ae, Han Ji Min, Jay Park, Loco

The plot, according to Netflix: "Drinks keep the conversation flowing as culinary star Paik Jong Won and celebrity guests talk life, food, and booze over intoxicating meals."

6. Busted

Who's in it: Yoo Jae Suk, Park Min Young, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Kwang Soo, EXO's Sehun, Kim Sejeong, Kim Jong Min

The plot, according to Netflix: "Tackling different mysteries in each episode of this game show, seven sleuths get closer to solving the biggest one of all: What happened to Project D?"

7. Twogether

Who's in it: Lee Seung Gi, Jasper Liu

The plot, according to Netflix: "Paired together for an unforgettable trip across Asia, stars Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu become buddies as they connect with fans and local cultures."

8. Love Naggers

Who's in it: Seo Jang Hoon, Kim Sook, Han Hye Jin, Kwak Jung Eun, Ju Woo Jae

The plot, according to Netflix: "From the quirky to the scandalous, any relationship is fair game for a panel of love experts who comb over text messages and revel in reenactments."

9. Korean Pork Belly Rhapsody

Who's in it: Paik Jong Won

The plot, according to Netflix: "A love letter to pork belly—a perennial favorite among Koreans of every generation—unfolds with an exploration of its history and cooking methods."

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10. YG Future Strategy Office

Who's in it: BIGBANG's Seungri

The plot, according to Netflix: "K-pop star Seungri, BIGBANG's youngest member, tries to lead a team of bumbling staff at YG's Future Strategy Office in this mockumentary sitcom."

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