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Who Is Korean Hip Hop Singer Crush?

He's the man behind the iconic 'Goblin' OST!
Who is Korean singer Crush?
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ICYMI: Red Velvet's Joy and hip hop singer Crush are ~officially~ in a relationship! Fans can't get over this news and they've been tweeting about our new Korean celeb couple all day. Our favorite post? "Joy found her Crush and Crush found his Joy"! And because you already know facts about our Red Velvet member, we are going to introduce to you her dearest this time.

Here are 10 things you need to know about Crush:

1. He was born on May 3, 1992.

Which makes him a 29-year-old Taurus! Crush's real name is Shin Hyo Seob and he was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.

According to the hip hop singer, he initially had "C-Sub" in mind for his English stage name. But one of his friends misread it as "Crush" due to his ~bad handwriting,~ LOL! He eventually used it as his nickname, and loved it because it means "to fall in love with."


2. He started his career in 2012.

Crush has always wanted to become a singer since he was young. His innate talent paired with his efforts (he would spend 12 hours per day playing the piano in high school) eventually paid off, and he made his debut with the song "Red Dress" in 2012.

In the same year, he collaborated with rapper Loco as a record producer and guest artist for the single "No More." By 2014, Crush released his first full album, "Crush On You."

3. Crush is currently under P NATION.

Home to some of the biggest names in the K-pop industry like JessiHeize, Hyuna, and E'Dawn, Crush signed with the PSY-owned label, P NATION, in 2019. Before this, he set up his own agency with his manager after parting ways with the label, Amoeba Culture.

On having PSY as the sajangnim (CEO), Crush said they communicate well with each other and he understands his needs in making new music: "I’ve worked with a lot of artists abroad, but he’s a very good leader when it comes to content."

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4. Crush has collaborated with a lot of Korean artists.

From Girls' Generation's Taeyeon to Jay Park, Crush's portfolio is filled with remarkable collabs that were highly-anticipated by his fans. Aside from this, he was also a part of the hip hop crew Fanxy Child, along with ZicoDeanPenomecoMillic, and Staytuned

5. Crush is behind some of your favorite K-drama OSTs!

Don't you just get ~emotional~ every time you listen to the Goblin OST, "Beautiful"? it's such a *beautiful* masterpiece and the man behind it is Crush! Although it was a huge success, Crush revealed that the track was a bittersweet feat for him: "The style of the song is a lot different from the style of music I wanted to make, so I started to feel some distance with music." He eventually appreciated this change in style, thanks to his fans.

Other K-drama OSTs recorded by Crush: "Sleepless" (It's Okay, That's Love), "Let Us Go" (Crash Landing On You), and "No Words" (Itaewon Class).


6. One of his songs is based on his personal story.

In 2014, Crush released "Sometimes," a ~feelsy~ track about missing someone so bad and he actually wrote this based on his own love story! We're wondering what he'll come up with for his next album. *wink*

7. And another song is about his dog!

How cute! Crush owns a Japanese spitz named Doyou and he would often bring this ball of fluff wherever he goes. 

P.S: Doyou has his own Instagram account with almost 100k followers. Whoa!

Crush mentioned in an episode of Master In The House  that Doyou inspired him to write "Woo Ah," and the lyrics totally fit his bb: "White skin, cute nose, soft hair” and “When you lean on my shoulder, I feel sleepy.” LOL!

For his other song "Outside," Doyou made a ~special appearance~ naman!

8. Crush once won a spacing out competition.

What an interesting event! With the goal to encourage people to rest and not think about anything, the Seoul Han River Project Headquarters organized the 2016 Han River Spacing Out Competition. The rule is to stay still, relax, and try not to fall asleep. The heart rate must remain stable as well. Crush won first place in this contest and he was *super* happy to be able to let his brain rest.

When asked how he prepared for the spacing out competition, Crush said that he actually *practiced* for days and tried to keep his heart rate steady.

9. He's in a relationship with Red Velvet's Joy.

Last year, Crush and Joy worked together for the single "Mayday." Based on a report by Sports Chosun, the two Korean stars continued their communication even after the track was released. A year and three months after, Crush and Joy's relationship was revealed.


From the very start, Joy has expressed her feelings for Crush as his fan. She was actually so excited when he contacted her for the collab! As for Crush, he said that she was his one and only choice for "Mayday": "When I was making the song, I thought that I definitely needed Joy’s voice for it, and that’s why I made the offer." Kilig!

10. He has an Instagram account.

Want more Crush content? You can follow him on Instagram @crush9244! P NATION also posts updates about him on their own IG account.

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