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18 *Iconic* Koreanovelas That Were Aired On ABS-CBN

'Lovers In Paris', 'My Girl', 'Memories Of Bali', and more!
Koreanovelas on ABS-CBN

Koreanovelas that aired on ABS-CBN, were highlights of my weeknights when I was young. Streaming platforms weren't a thing back then, so I had to *patiently* wait for a specific timeslot to watch a Korean drama that I liked. Sometimes, I would be *so* annoyed because an episode was so bitin. Other times, I would catch myself on the being so sleepy lying on the couch, but I couldn't afford to sleep if I wanted to know what happened next!

If you're already a tita just like me, I know you also miss our daily routine so much. So sit back and relax, and let's reminisce the most unforgettable Filipino-dubbed Korean dramas from the ~first and true home of Asianovelas~:

1. Lovers In Paris

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2004

Who's in it:  Kim Jung Eun, Park Shin Yang, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Seo Hyung

The short plot: Two strangers named Vivian and Carlo met in Paris and had to pretend to be an engaged couple when they came back to South Korea. But after all that pretending, they realize that there's something more in their ~relationship~ than how they planned it to be.


2. Only You

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2005

Who's in it:  Han Chae Young, Jo Hyun Jae, Lee Chun Hee, Hong Soo Hyun

The short plot: Only You is a tale of an aspiring chef who enrolled in a cooking school in Italy. She goes to a hotel and and meets a restaurant chaebol. Apparently, they were both looking for the same woman for different reasons.

3. Memories Of Bali

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2005

Who's in it:  Jo In Sung, Ha Ji Won, So Ji Sub, Park Ye Jin

The short plot: Probably the most iconic Koreanovela about obsession and betrayal, Memories Of Bali brings us to the tragic story of two men who fell for the same girl they encountered in Bali, Indonesia.

4. Save The Last Dance For Me

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2005

Who's in it:  Eugene, Ji Sung, Ryu Soo Young, Lee Bo Young

The short plot: A man who was tangled in a forced marriage meets a bed-and-breakfast owner after he loses his memories during an accident. A lot happened before they claimed their happy ending—including the girl getting in an accident that leaves her paralyzed.

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5. My Girl

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2006

Who's in it:  Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, Lee Joon Gi, Park Si Yeon, Hwang Bora

The short plot: Before Lee Dong Wook became Yi Yeon in the K-drama Tale Of The Nine-Tailed, he was first recognized as Julian in My Girl. Because of his ailing lolo's wish to look for his cousin, he hired a woman named Jasmine to act as their family member. 

6. Princess Hours

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2006

Who's in it:  Yoon Eun Hye, Ju Ji Hoon, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jeong Hoon

The short plot: It was the Koreanovela Princess Hours that gave us the incomparable royal love story kilig in 2006! It's about Gian, a prince who was asked to marry a student named Janelle. Although they were reluctant at first with their fixed marriage, they soon became fond of each other.

Where you can watch it: Viu


7. Spring Waltz 

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2006

Who's in it:  Seo Do Young, Han Hyo Joo, Daniel Henney, Lee So Yeon

The short plot: During their childhood, Jeric had to sacrifice his identity to save his friend, Arianne. They met again after 15 years with different personalities, and remembered who they were in the past.

8. Three Dads With One Mommy

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2008

Who's in it:  Eugene, Jo Hyun Jae, Jae Hee, Shin Sung Rok

The short plot: A single mom who found it hard to get pregnant loses her partner after an accident. Little did she know, three of her husband's friends donated their sperm so she can conceive.

9. Boys Over Flowers

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2009

Who's in it:  Lee Min Ho, Ku Hye Sun, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon

The short plot: Who can forget the Korean TV adaptation of the manga, Hana Yori Dango? It was Boys Over Flowers who brought us back to our beloved F4, who we first loved through its Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden!


Where you can watch it: Netflix, Viu

10. He's Beautiful

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2010

Who's in it:  Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Seuk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Gi

The short plot: A nun had to disguise herself as a music idol and fill the absence of her twin brother who flew to the U.S for a surgical appointment. It wasn't easy at first when she joined the band A.N. Jell, but things got a bit better when the band's lead vocalist discovered her ~real~ gender.

Where you can watch it: Viu

11. Perfect Match 

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2010

Who's in it:  Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Seok, Wang Ji Hye

The short plot: Perfect Match is about a furniture designer named Julienne who had to live with Gino, an architect. She initially thought that he was gay and they became BFFs...who fell for each other.


12. Cinderella's Sister 

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2011

Who's in it:  Moon Geun Young, Seo Woo, Chun Jung Myung

The short plot: Two stepsisters had to divide everything with each other, even when it comes to the man they both love.

13. I Am Legend 

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2011

Who's in it:  Kim Jung Eun, Lee Joon Hyuk, Kim Seung Soo, Jang Shin Young

The short plot: Lovers In Paris' Vivian is back! This time, she was Solenn, an empowered woman who filed for divorce after having a hard time with her in-laws. Now that she's on her own, she took the path of a musician and created a band with her friends.

14. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho 

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2011

Who's in it:  Shin Min Ah, Lee Seung Gi

The short plot: This heartwarming love story of a mythical creature and a college student never fails to give us the kilig even after a decade! My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho was a popular hit in 2011, and everyone experienced major LSS to Lee Seung Gi's "Losing My Mind."


Where you can watch it: Netflix, Viu

15. A Gentleman's Dignity

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2012

Who's in it:  Jang Dong Geun, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Su Ro, Kim Min Jong, Lee Jong Hyuk

The short plot: Four men who are in their 40s all tell funny stories about their lives and the women they met along the way. 

16. City Hunter

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2012

Who's in it:  Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young

The short plot: A man takes on a journey armed with a mission from his past. Although he wasn't allowed to fall for anyone, his heart couldn't take it when he meets a certain woman in the city.

17. Two Wives

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2012

Who's in it:  Kim Ji Young, Son Tae Young, Kang Ji Sub, Kim Ho Jin

The short plot: From the title itself, you can already guess what this Koreanovela is all about. If you're a fan of the World Of Married Coupleyou will also be enticed by Yvonne and Janine's rivalry.


18. Secret Love

Year aired on ABS-CBN: 2012

Who's in it:  Song Joong Ki, Park Min Young, Park Yoo Chun, Yoo Ah In

The short plot: During the time when women were not given much importance in society, one lady is determined to do anything just for her family. And so she disguised as a man, entered a prestigious educational institute, and lived with three men in one room.

Where you can watch it: Viu

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