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Kourtney Kardashian Had The Best Response To Body Shamers Asking If She Was Pregnant

Don't mess with Kourtney.
Kourtney Kardashian mirror selfie
PHOTO: Instagram/kourtneykardash

Kourtney Kardashian has clapped back at body shaming after her recent Instagram post was flooded with comments speculating as to whether she's pregnant.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has officially been dating Travis Barker since February this year (although it feels way longer) and let's just say they've not been shy about showing their affection for one another.

Seemingly on a mission to bring back the PDA, Travis and Kourtney's exploits include posting a fully nude selfie together; having very cozy date nights; straddling each other in the desert; and who could forget the thumb-sucking debacle?

PDAs aside, it's clear the pair are going from strength to strength following rumors of a secret Las Vegas wedding, and Travis's daughter even calling Kourtney her 'stepmom". However, that does *not* mean a baby is on the cards just yet.

After posting a series of stylish selfies from inside her wardrobe on Instagram, Kourtney was inundated with comments demanding to know if she's pregnant. In the post – captioned "say hi to my closet" – Kourtney appeared to have her dress rolled down, revealing her midriff and a Skims bra.

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Sadly, some Instagram users decided to use the opportunity to speculate on whether Kourtney is pregnant. One user wrote, "homegirl, you're pregnant right?", while another added, "If you're pregnant and you know it clap your hands." Urghhh.

As ever, Kourtney had the perfect response to those body-shaming her. According to E! News, in response to one Instagram user commenting, "SHES PREGNANT," Kourtney replied, "I'm a woman with a BODY."

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It's not the first time Kourtney has stood up for herself on social media. Last year, she clapped back at a fan questioning her friendship with Addison Rae.

And in a cute full-circle moment, Addison was one of the first to comment on Kourtney's latest Instagram post, simply writing, "Wow," followed by a fire emoji.

We're with Addison on this one.


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