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Daebak! These Are The 10 K-Pop Idols With The Most Followers On Instagram

K-pop-ular names for you to follow? We gotchu.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/lalalalisa_m, (RIGHT) Instagram/real__pcy

If you're looking for a way to connect with your faves (aside from concerts and fan meets), Instagram is probably your best answer. The rise of the social media platform has also made K-pop idols reach out to their fans through ~cute~ selcas, comeback trailers, and even in showcasing their superb photography skills. And we surely can't deny that it totally feels like a portal to their personal world, where they show their life behind the limelight.

While there are many celebrity accounts to follow in this photo and video-sharing app, there are some that have millions of followers and you can't help but hit the follow button to see why. Excited to know who's leading the pack? Below are the 10 most-followed K-pop idols on Instagram:

1. BLACKPINK's Lisa (30.1 million)


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Here she comes kicking the door: @lalalalisa_m is the most-followed K-pop idol on Instagram, boasting over 30 million followers to date. FYI, it only took less than a year for BLACKPINK's maknae and main dancer to be hailed as the queen of IG. Lisa gives a ~little bit of this~ and a ~little bit of that~ in her posts, from magazine shoots to places she's been to.

2. BLACKPINK's Jennie (24.9 million)

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It's another BLACKPINK member in your area! Known for her chic fashion sense, the 24-year-old charismatic main rapper, @jennierubyjane, sits on her throne and shares her OOTDs—both comfy and stylish—on her Instagram account. If you want to get a more personal glimpse of her everyday life, follow @lesyeuxdenini (which translates to "the eyes of Nini" in French), her second IG account with story-filled personal photographs.

3. BLACKPINK's Rose (22.5 million)

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If she's not busy slaying with her mesmerizing looks, @roses_are_rosie hits us with those endearing IG posts where she's seen having fun with her fellow BLACKPINK members and other K-pop idol friends, like Girl's Day's Hyeri. The New Zealand-born, Australia-raised singer (with the impressive high notes at that) took to Instagram in January and asked her followers to help her home country with the recent bushfire.

4. BLACKPINK's Jisoo (21.2 million)


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To say that @sooyaaa_ looks forever young is an understatement. BLACKPINK's oldest member and resident mood maker isn't afraid to show off her radiant visuals and quirky personality on Insta. A stunning photo with a Powerpuff Girls reference? We're sold!

5. EXO's Chanyeol (20.1 million)


We just can't help but express our ~obsession~ with @real_pcy. As seen in his posts, EXO's rapper goes from high-fashion model to adorable boyfriend. Aside from posting a backstage look into his life with his fellow members, friends, and pets, Chanyeol loves sharing his super adorable #throwback photos, too!

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6. EXO's Sehun (18.6 million)


@oohsehun got us going crazy when he joined Instagram in 2014, and until now, he's still creeping in our heart with his Instagram selfies—most of the time with a mirror 'gram donning his signature ~luxurious lewk~. Oh, Sehun, the way you make us stop and stare!

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7. BIGBANG's G-Dragon (17.7 million)

A known fact: @xxxibgdrgn not only leads BIGBANG, but also the Instagram sphere. ~And if you know what I'm sayin'~, it goes to show in his feed that hypes his fans all over the world, in posts that show his appreciation for art, music, and fashion. Last year, GD released the Air Force 1 Para-Noise sneakers, a special collaboration he did with Nike that featured his personal artwork.

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8. EXO's Baekhyun (16.7 million)

Listening to @baekhyunee_exo's voice is enough for us to ~relax and chill~, but his IG posts are what keep us alive and awake. In this platform, Baekhyun shows off his cheeky side by playing with cute filters. He can sing, dance, act, and most importantly, make us fall head over heels with his zoomed-in selcaswe're def not complaining!

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9. GOT7's Jackson (16.6 million)

Welcome to @jacksonwang852g7's world, let's do this! The GOT7 member flaunts his undeniable swag and popularity on Instagram (and also through his official YouTube channel). Jackson is L'Oreal Men's newest global ambassador—what with his global influences that captures the hearts of many international fans. #TEAMWANG, rejoice!

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10. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon (14.3 million)

This is us declaring that we're definitely ~feeling so fine~ whenever we come across @taeyeon_ss' IG posts. Who wouldn't? She's too-precious-for-words, and along with her fairytale-like photos in varying tones plus her all-out love for her fans—those are enough to keep our eyes locked to her account. Now we know our purpose.

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