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Kris Aquino Reveals She And Her Sons Joshua, Bimby, Got COVID-19 In The US

Kris Aquino and her sons Joshua Aquino, Bimby Yap, get COVID-19 in the US
PHOTO: Instagram/krisaquino

Kris Aquino has revealed that she and her sons Joshua Aquino and Bimby Yap contracted COVID-19 while in the US.

In an open letter on Instagram, the actress-host recounted their experience of finding out they had been infected with the virus.

"Kuya Josh tested positive for COVID on June 20," Kris wrote. (The) nurse took his temperature then they got antigen kits, tested him first because he was so unlike himself. He was just lying down, on the sofa, [with] no energy to play or watch YouTube on his phone. Nurse woke me up to tell me that Kuya was positive."

Kris and Bimby were asked to move to a hotel as she is severely immunocompromised and she might need to receive intensive care if infected. The nurse also expressed concern for Bimby as he is asthmatic.

"It was heartbreaking to leave Kuya; I felt I was abandoning him in our time of need," Kris added. She and Bimby would test negative via RT-PCR test.


On June 23, Kris had fever and tested positive via antigen test.

"In less than five minutes, both red lines appeared," Kris recalled. "Kuya was already at the same hotel, so I told them to please take Bimb." Later on, she would find out that Bimby was also feeling unwell and had tested positive.

Kris then addressed her brother, the late former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, who had passed away the year before on June 24, 2021.

"Since this was already your death anniversary, somehow I felt reassured knowing that the three of us would get through this new ordeal especially because you would never allow us to have a death date so close to yours," Kris wrote.

"Noy, help me please—these two only have me," she added. "Please help me survive this, PLEASE?"

Kris went on to thank netizens for their concern and prayers and explained how she wants to keep her "suffering" to herself and to keep only family and a few trusted friends informed on a "need-to-know basis".

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"Everyone else is going through their personal trials—ang hirap ng buhay para sa marami, nakakahiyang maging pabigat pa 'ko... I know me, impossible na hindi ako umamin 'pag hirap na hirap na, so for now FOCUS tayo on ourselves... We all have problems, we all have worries, and we all have hardships."

Kris revealed earlier in June that she and her kids had flown to Houston, Texas to seek treatment for Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangitis (EGPA), formerly known as Churg-Strauss Syndrome, a rare health condition that causes inflammation of the blood vessels.


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