Kris Aquino Seeks Medical Treatment Abroad After Financial Abuse

She will continue to fight her legal battles.
PHOTO: Instagram/rbchanco

Kris Aquino has been making headlines lately as she continues to fight her legal battles with a business partner, who reportedly "deceived" and "financially abused" her by stealing "millions" from her snacking outlets: 14 branches of Nacho Bimby + Potato Corner. The Queen of All Media revealed last week that she has lost considerable weight due to stress.

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Yesterday, September 29, Kris once again addressed the issue on the legal proceedings and her health. Through an Instagram post, she shared a statement drafted by her legal team about taking a necessary leave of absence. 

The statement says that Kris will be flying to Singapore to "obtain appropriate medical assessment." It adds, "Medical tests she took locally on September 21 and 26 require a more comprehensive set of tests that are currently not available in the country." 

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The statement also addresses issues regarding the legal proceedings: "During meetings with her lawyer over the past days, [Kris] has given specific and strict instructions on the manner by which she intends to safeguard assets she had required and investments she had made. As one of the country's consistently top taxpayer, she prefers that nothing will be left to chance to protect those she had set aside and those she had proposed to acquire for the future of her sons, Josh and Bimby."

It ends by saying that Kris will be back in the country "at the soonest possible time" to continue fulfilling her commitments.

Kris will be taking her sons with her to Singapore and is asking her followers to respect her family's privacy: "Allow me this small privacy to not share details about my current state of health to shield my sons from more stress. They have cried more tears than children should ever have to."

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Here's the full statement:

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