There Is A Kris Aquino Meme For EVERYTHING

PHOTO: (1) Youtube/The Aquinos, (2-3) Instagram/krisaquino

Kris Aquino isn't the Queen Of All Media for nothing. After crossing over from TV and film to the world wide web, Kris has gained more followers than ever and captured the hearts of the most unsuspecting of fans (me, included). Almost every video she posts goes viral and, in turn, new memes (the best of the best, I kid you not!) are born! Here, we give you the many Kris Aquino memes for your everyday life.

On dealing with exes (with the iPhone X in the background, LOL):

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On cheating (hala ka!):

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On the most "basic thing" in human knowledge, according to tita Krissy:

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When she fangirled hard:

When she gave the ~best~ advice for 2018:

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When she told the awful truth (Preach, tita Krissy!):

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On shamelessly loving yourself 10,000%:

On being an independent woman:

When you're ~finally~ seeing the light:

The reason why you're reading this article (Uy, aminin!):

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