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Kris Aquino To Ricky Lo: 'You unleash the TIGER MOM in me'

And the word war continues.

The Philippine Star writer Ricky Lo sparked the ire of Kris Aquino on his August 15 column, "Bimby no-show at MJ's party" which alleges that her son James "Bimby" Aquino-Yap confirmed his attendance in the first birthday party of his half-brother, MJ, but was not seen at the party.

Kris announced her irritation with a 395-word post (yes, we counted!) on Facebook and Instagram, complete with screenshots of her SMS-exchanges with Michella "Mic" Cazzola, the current girlfriend of Kris' ex-husband James Yap and mother of MJ. In Kris' messages to Mic, she said that Bimby will celebrate MJ's birthday privately, instead of going to the party.

But for Kris, this wasn't just a case of an inaccurate story and felt that the article sparked unnecessary conflict between the brothers.

She says in her post, "Why make a 'drama' of the relationship between two brothers when one of them is barely a toddler, and their mothers are okay and in regular communication?," and added "Most importantly, why bring 'intrigue' on a 10-year old-boy who has never done you harm?"

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Ricky responded today, August 16, on his column, "Rejoinder to the Bimby-MJ item," that Mic failed to tell him that Bimby would not be attending MJ's birthday party.

The columnist also side-swiped at Kris's social media post:

"Henceforth, I reminded Mic to refrain from sending me any invitation to any of her and James' affairs, thank you.

A word for Kris and other showbiz denizens who can't help decorating the social media with posts of their children. Before Kris and other soc-med savvy moms scold people and remind them to please spare the innocents, they should be the first to spare their children by keeping them away from the social media. Otherwise, they themselves are (maybe unwittingly) putting their children in, well, 'harm's way.'"

Kris went on to defend her children, Josh and Bimby, from the social media bashing they've been receiving because of the issue.

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"Harm only comes our children's way when there are exploitative, unverified headlines. And everybody who has bashed Kuya Josh or Bimb on IG has tasted the fire of my words in defending themexpressed with dignity and based on facts because I was raised to remain polite even when dealing with pambabastos. I agree, though, I spent a sleepless night thinking very carefully about the proper amount of exposure I should share about our family lifeespecially because I'm only now confronting this. 

Kuya Josh is a special child and God shielded him from being cognizant of some of the cruelty thrown our waybut Bimb is intelligent, innately curious, and even more articulate than his mother. And 10-14 years old are crucial years in his intellectual, emotional, and psychological development. "