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Kryz Uy Says She's The Real 'Instagram Asawa' And Not Slater Young In Her Barcelona Vlog

'Story of my life!'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/kryzzzie; (RIGHT) Instagram/thatguyslater

A few weeks ago, Kryz Uy and Slater Young just came back from their amazing Euro trip, stopping over at Spain and at Italy for Camille Co and Joni Koro's wedding.

Kryz's Instagram feed, as always, looks perf. And we all know it's Slater who takes most of her amazing photos, because he's a legit blogger jowa.


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In her new vlog about their stay in Barcelona, Kryz reveals, though, that she's the real "Instagram asawa" and not Slater.

Here's why. "Eto 'yung totoong buhay ng Instagram asawa, Instagram wife," she said. "Naghihintay sa gilid while hubby is taking photos of the trees. Who's the real Instagram asawa?" 

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Later in the video, Kryz once again points out a busy Slater taking photos.

"Story of my life. The asawa waiting for the asawa while he's taking pictures. You guys all think that Slater is the Instagram husband who takes pictures of me, but honestly, he takes photos of a lot of people, not just me. and I'm just here waiting at the side."

Here's a little taste of Slater's travel photography:

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"Flexing my people watching muscles. Thinking if I should post more street photos on my page. Yes?" Slater asked on Instagram.

He's got a good eye, we have to say! We're guessing Kryz took these photos, too. Taken by a true Instagram asawa


Watch the vlog here: