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Kryz Uy Opens Up About Having Monolids And Getting Eye Surgery

Her first eye surgery made her more insecure about her eyes.
PHOTO: Instagram/kryzzzie

Today, Kryz Uy released a very personal YouTube video titled “Real Talk: My Eye Surgery Story.” Kryz explains she decided to talk about her eyes to help other girls who are dealing with the same issue or trying to get over their insecurities.

Kryz was born with monolids, and she had the folds done just a few years ago. In the video description, she writes, “Growing up, I was ostracized or criticized for being or looking ‘too Chinese.’ All the popular kids sort of made this whole culture a joke, so all I wanted was to disassociate myself [from] it. It [got] difficult for me to be proud of my heritage.”

In the video itself, though, Kryz reveals that the insecurity about her eyes set in when she got into blogging and beauty, and she started doing shoots and having makeup done by other people all the time.

“Every time somebody else would do my makeup and not myself, I would look so, so different,” Kryz shares. “I guess people aren’t used to doing makeup for monolids.”

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She adds, “I didn’t feel like myself because I didn’t look like myself.”

It didn’t help that makeup artists would also criticize Kryz’s eyes. “They’d tell me, ‘Oh, your eyes are so small,’ ‘Oh, you need to put eyelid tape,’ ‘You need to put eyelid glue,’ ‘It’s so hard to do your eyes.’”

Kryz has had two eye surgeries. The first one didn’t turn out right, so much so that Kryz found it hard to even open her eyes. The second one finally resulted in the eyes she wanted. Both experiences made her realize "true beauty means loving each and every part of you."

Undergoing eye surgery doesn’t mean Kryz didn’t love herself before. Kryz hopes to dispel the taboo around surgery. For her, getting eyelids was her way of taking the initiative to make herself feel better. She says, “In my heart, I know that I love myself for who I am. And this is something that is just making me feel bad about myself. And if it’s something that I can change and have the power to change, then I will do it. And I will change it. And I don’t understand why it’s so bad to go out and do something for yourself.” She adds, “I’m such a positive person now, more positive than before.”

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