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Kryz Uy And Slater Young Share Heartbreaking Updates About Cebu Post-Typhoon Odette: 'We might not have power for the next month'

'It's a war zone.'

Cebu-based celebrity couple Kryz Uy and Slater Young recently shared more details about the situation in the city post-typhoon Odette.

In their latest vlog, Kryz and Slater drove through the city and made their way to Kryz's sister's typhoon-wrecked house.

"It's completely wrecked. Four adults and five kids had to squeeze into their small pantry and sit down for the whole duration of the typhoon because outside of the pantry, everything is being broken. The roof was flying and glass was breaking."

She added, "We are trying to find a way to them now. There's no signal. We are trying to help. We can't use Waze to figure out where to go. We can't contact people to help. We're trying to help as many people as we can but we can't contact people."

The couple also had a hard time navigating through the city as several roads were blocked by fallen power poles and trees.

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Kryz shared, "We can't pass. This is the problem because a lot of the roads look like this or even worse. There are poles blocking everything. There's no power. There's no water. Nothing. It's a war zone."

Slater, who turned 34 years old on Sunday, spent the day doing rescue operations in Cebu.

"We might not have power for the next month so it's a sad birthday and a little bit sad Christmas."

Kryz also gave an update about their house which has mostly glass walls. 

"Our house survived but it was so scary that night. Slater and I were hiding in my closet because that was the only where there weren't any glass. Our room, which had three walls of glass was shaking out of control and feeling namin mabibiyak na 'yung glass."

"The hallways are flooded. Bahala na what happens to the house basta we are safe. We're super lucky."

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