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Kryz Uy Finally Gave A Walk-In Closet Tour!

She's so organized!
PHOTO: Instagram/kryzzzie

Lately, Kyrz Uy has been giving tours of the different spaces in her home she calls Skypod. She started with #SkyKitchen in August 2019, then this morning, she posted a video taking her followers around her walk-in closet.

Kryz’s walk-in closet features a gray color palette, which is in theme with Skypod’s muted tones. Kryz added a feminine touch by having gold handles and knobs on her glass-door cabinets and her drawers.

Apart from showing some of her designer bags, Kryz also showed how she arranges and stores her clothes. For dresses and blouses, she sorts them by color and sleeve length. When it comes to the simpler tees, she keeps them in a drawer and she folds them in a way that shows the print easily. She doesn’t stack her shirts like most people, since she finds that that doesn’t give her an idea of what the shirt looks like, and the pile gets ruined easily when you take a shirt that isn’t at the top.

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Perhaps the highlight of Kryz’s walk-in closet is the shoe area. She keeps her shoes in her glass-door cabinet at the end of the room, and the cabinet lights up as soon as she opens it. In front of Kryz’s shoe collection is a seat, where Kryz says she goes to to appreciate her collection.

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Check out Kryz’s walk-in closet tour below!