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Korean Actress Kwon Ah Reum *Denies* She's Dating NCT's Doyoung

Rumors surfaced due to the actress' caption on an IG post.
Korean Actress Kwon Ah Reum Denies She's Dating NCT's Doyoung

Korean actress Kwon Ah Reum is speaking up about the rumors she's in a relationship with her web drama co-star NCT's Doyoung.

The two were speculated to be dating after the actress posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "Ddoing."  According to netizens, ddoing is one of Doyoung's many nicknames. 

Kwon Ah Reum Denies She's Dating NCT's Doyoung
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Ah Reum's agency, SWMP Entertainment, said in a statement: "We would like to reveal that the rumors about actress Kwon Ah Reum that have recently been spreading on online communities are completely false. Regarding this situation, we have decided that it is difficult to no longer overlook insulting actions toward the actress such as personal attacks, the spread of false information, defamation, malicious rumors, and more."

SWMP continued by revealing they will be taking legal action against those spreading malicious comments.

"We are currently collecting information through continuous monitoring, and we will take strong action without any leniency against those who write false rumors, write malicious comments, and share rumors. SWMP will put in our full effort for the protection of our actors’ rights and interests."

SM Entertainment has not released any statement at the time of writing. 

Doyoung and Ah Reum are both slated to star in the upcoming web drama To X Who Doesn't Love Me.

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