Watch The Moment Kylie Jenner Avoided Nicki Minaj At The MTV VMAs

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The MTV Video Music Awards were on Monday, but they are truly the gift that keeps on giving, just like Nicki Minaj and her several Twitter feuds. After Nicki came for Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and even Stormi Webster for promoting Travis' new album, Kylie and Travis asked for their seats to be moved away from Nicki at the VMAs. Clearly they wanted to avoid Nicki, but that didn't happen and it was caught on tape, which TMZ just shared and boy, is it a treat.

When Kylie started walking down the carpet to who knows where, she spotted Nicki from across the way. As Nicki walked towards Kylie, Kylie immediately looked shooketh and like she didn't want to continue down the path she was on. To be fair, it doesn't seem like Nicki saw Kylie or went out of her way to make her uncomfortable, but alas.

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So Kylie saw Nicki, Nicki maybe/maybe didn't see Kylie, then Kylie ran for the hills/re-assigned seats. Literally, Kylie did a whole ass U-turn when she saw Nicki. Kylie started pointing somewhere, looked flustered, and hurried towards some fans.

Luckily for everyone in the vicinity, nothing happened, and Nicki, Travis, and Kylie all had a great night. All's well that ends welluntil Nicki goes on Twitter. 


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