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Kylie Jenner Bought A Fan A Designer Bag For His Birthday

Being dedicated to Kylie clearly pays off.
PHOTO: Instagram/itsjohnnycyrus

Being Kylie Jenner's biggest fan might mean a lot of time and effort, but it sure looks to be worth it.

Johnny Cyrus, a hardcore fan of all things Kylie, just shared a gift from his idol, and it's only a bloody Louis Vuitton backpack.

If you've never heard of Cyrus, a quick Google search will tell you everything you need to know. Kylie's ride or die fan has been around since day one, collecting all kinds of Kylie merchandise (of which there is a rather spectacular amount).

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He flies all over to meet his idol at her launches, and his Instagram page is the ultimate dedication to Kylie's most iconic looks.

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In fact, Cyrus even has a tattoo sleeve dedicated to Kylie.

So, when he turned 21 recently, Cyrus, of course, wanted to celebrate with Kylie (who has obviously met him many times now). He attended a Kylie Cosmetics pop-up launch, where he posed for pictures with the beauty mogul.

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In one of the shots, he can be seen holding an orange Louis Vuitton bag. Which, as it turns out, contains a backpack given to him by Kylie herself. No biggie.

Cyrus shared a closer look at the extravagant gift, writing, "Thank you @kyliejenner for the amazing birthday gift. It means so much to me!"

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The Apollo backpack retails for £1,390 (P97,300) on Louis Vuitton's website, which is a drop in the ocean to Kylie, who is now worth more than all of her sisters combined.

The gift is undoubtedly generous, but it's the gesture from the woman he admires so much that undoubtedly means the most to Cyrus.

Kylie: You're doing great, sweetie.

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