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Kylie Is Reportedly 'Very Self-Conscious' Of Her Pregnant Body

She also reportedly knows 'all the attention is on her.'
PHOTO: Instagram/kyliejenner

As Kardashian-Jenner fans and fellow lip kit lovers continue to wait for Kylie Jenner to confirm her reported pregnancyPeople has offered the next best thing: an update on how she's doing. You've been wondering, haven't you? According to one People source, Kylie will continue to stay out of the spotlight and stick to her friends and sisters. "She wants to reveal things on her own terms but she's, of course, having fun teasing everyone," says the source, perhaps referring to all the subtle clues Kylie's been leaving on social media in the past several weeks. "She knows all the attention is on her and her baby bump, but she won't share until she wants to."  s

With a reported bun in the oven, Kylie has also been "very self-conscious" about the way her body has been changing, according to a second insider. "She's always been insecure that she's not as curvy or pretty as her sisters."

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People also checked in with Kylie's boyfriend Travis Scott via a source. Like you, he is "so excited" about Kris Jenner's future grandchild, but like Kylie, he wants to keep things private "as long as they can." The source adds, "Travis is crazy about Kylie and he feels so lucky to have her and the baby."

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