OMG Kylie Just Posted Another Pic Of Stormi On Instagram

PHOTO: Instagram/kyliejenner

Hello, yes, please stop what you are doing because Kylie Jenner just posted another picture of her new daughter Stormi on Instagram and it is a must-see. Today is Stormi's one month birthday (is that a thing?) and her mother is commemorating the occasion on social media, naturally. She posted two(!!) pictures of Stormi to celebrate the day.

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"My angel baby is 1 month old today," she wrote in the caption. Scroll to the right to see another picture where you can ACTUALLY SEE A BIT OF STORMI'S FACE. Try to contain yourself though, seriously.

This followed Kylie posting two pics her half-naked, post-baby body on Snapchat with the caption "1 monthhhh" earlier in the day.

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Travis Scott also posted a picture of Stormi on his Snapchat. In it, she's wearing a sweater that says "daddy" with a heart around it. "My lil mama 1 month today her favorite unit of course."

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Thanks for being on this earth, Stormi! You're the GOAT!

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