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Kylie Jenner Was Paid (At Least) $100k To Attend Her Own 18th Birthday Party, And Her Second Birthday Party At That

OK seriously, how do I get paid to eat (birthday) cake?

After a nice week relaxing on the beach down in Mexico, Kylie Jenner attended her second birthday party up in Canada over the weekend. She can thus say she celebrated turning 18 in every single part of (continental) North America, which is quite something.

Another thing that's quite something: Kylie was paid six figures to attend her own party—"close to $100,000," The New York Daily News says; $200,000, Radar Online and Page Six report. And she is apparently embracing the "diva tendencies" such an appearance fee warrants—during an outfit change, Kylie decided the VIP restroom at the venue wasn't VIP enough for her liking, "[and] asked to be taken back to her car by security," Page Six adds," and then driven 50 to 100 feet to another, evidently more suitable bathroom"

Also, Kylie didn't want to be there. Teen Vogue's reporter in attendance flat-out says so, noting Kylie arrived an hour late (by both helicopter and a boat, which seems silly) and was "pouty" throughout. That's "pouty" as in, not, you know, because of the lip injections—although her lips were also plump and pouty in that context, but of course.

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report from Complex is even less polite—the party "pretty much sucked," apparently, even though this scene, as overheard, sounds just wonderful:

It was unbearably hot and humid, and overhearing impatient Jenner fans lash out while succumbing to heat stroke was like having a Twitter feed being read aloud. "Kylie's such a bitch," yelled one. "Kylie's too cute for words," exclaimed another, before another interjected with, "I can't fucking deal right now."


Kylie remained in her VIP "chill zone" section of the party (VIP tickets for regular people cost $150) and only briefly interacted with a few lucky guests; aside from those in the press pit, she apparently took only one proper selfie with a fan. She didn't even drink much, despite the fact that she actually could do so, legally, north of the U.S. border.

She did trash her cake, however. It was a beautiful piece of baked artistry, to the tune of $3,000 from a local bakery. And it appears to be topped with a pimp cup:

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Rather than eat any, Kylie's entourage threw the cake into the crowd. This photo says it all:


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