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You Have To See Kylie Padilla's Maternity Shoot With Aljur Abrenica And Alas

She's glowing!

Now 23 weeks pregnant, Kylie Padilla shared the photos from her maternity shoot with husband Aljur Abrenica and son Alas. In the photo below, you can see their two-year-old son planting a kiss on Kylie’s belly.

Kylie is glowing!

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The actress shares, “Pictures don’t say enough for the truth that lies in the unspoken moments you feel like you aren’t equipped or prepared for what is ahead. Or the countless times you wish you could say, “I need rest,” “I need help,” or “Am I doing okay?” People don’t hear that voice in your head that is so hard on you all the time. The times when you have moments of doubt, moments of impatience, moments of reliving trauma that you don’t want to touch any part of your family so you fight for it to at least just touch you.” 

She opened up about her thoughts on motherhood. “There is a great deal of healing in knowing you are capable of a love so much bigger than yourself. And there is a great deal of freedom in knowing you are more than what hurt you, and you are more than what your mind makes you believe. You can be an instrument of love and there is no shame in that. Because love is the one thing God tries to teach us. It is just simpler than we think.”

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Kylie is excited for Alas to be a kuya. “My boy. My little boy kulit. Kuya na. I know you will be the most loving kuya. I trust you with your little brother. I couldn’t be happier that you are his kuya.”

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She also opened up about “mommy realness” and her second trimester struggles in a recent post. “BUT. Every time the baby kicks, you’re excited. You stop what you’re doing just to feel the little angel kick and squirm. And every time he answers, you’re excited and filled with so much love. Everything is suddenly worth it.”

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