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Kylie Padilla On Aljur Abrenica's Support During Her Pregnancy: 'Thankful you always know the right thing to say'

Kylie is sharing some 'mommy realness.'

After Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica announced that they’re having another boy, Kylie opened up about her second-trimester struggles. “Baby is getting bigger, there is no comfortable way to sit or sleep or stand, you can’t breathe right ‘cause baby is squishing your lungs. You are starting to not fit your old clothes, and you’re feeling a little big, uncomfortable, and bloated. Everything starts feeling itchy. You kind of feel sad you can’t move like you did or chase your eldest or hold him like you used to because you gotta be careful of your bump.”

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“BUT. Every time the baby kicks, you’re excited. You stop what you’re doing just to feel the little angel kick and squirm. And every time he answers, you’re excited and filled with so much love. Everything is suddenly worth it. You prepare yourself mentally for the days ahead. Hopefully, you’re prepared to be the person your children deserve.”

She thanked Aljur for being a great partner through it all. “P.S. You’re thankful your husband always knows the right thing to say. The other day I said, ‘Mahal, what do you think when I grow rounder and bigger? Because I feel so bloated.’ He says, ‘Ano ka ba? You’re making an angel. That’s the most beautiful thing in the world.’ He holds my bump and kisses it. Ako naman pabebe. ‘Ayiii, thank you, mahal.’”

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Kylie and Aljur recently celebrated their firstborn Alas’ second birthday and said they got him “a gift like no other”—a baby brother! All the best to the family!

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