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Kylie Padilla Just Got Real About Her Struggles With Anxiety And It’s Pretty Relatable


Anxiety is a real thing and it can happen to anyone. In the past, celebrities have opened up about their struggles with anxiety, including Kiana Valenciano, who admitted in July 2018 that she struggled with anxiety and depression, and Sofia Andres who shared in May 2018 that she sought help from a therapist and went to counseling.

On June 30, Kylie Padilla bravely wrote about her experience on anxiety on Instagram. She wrote, “I used to be a slave to my anxiety, with my constant state of living in fear.”

Kylie opened up about her fears including not being in control, the fear of failure, and saying the wrong things. “In my job, it felt easier to just create personalities that could tackle all this mental turmoil so that maybe I would be able to perform the tasks expected of me to fulfill my job. So I tailored myself to the molds of what other people thought of me, what I thought of myself. Versions of me that I do not regret getting to know, I learned how not to be what I don’t want to be,” she wrote.


Kylie continued, “When I do decide to just sit with myself, the resistance is sometimes terrifying. The voices of doubt get so loud, sometimes there is no way to break it unless you have someone to hold and comfort you.”

The actress revealed that she has never opened up about it but she has felt that in the past few days, she has triumphed. Kylie shared that she has found a way to deal with her anxiety when it strikes. She said, “In situations where I would normally suffer really bad anxiety or panic [attacks], I choose to sit still and breathe. I sit and listen to everything and everyone around me.”

Through her experience with anxiety, Kylie wrote, “Through this break I’ve been taking, I begin to realize how much everything actually depends on my reaction and mine alone.”

Ending on a positive note, Kylie said that living with anxiety and fear is not easy. “Being unable to calm yourself down is absolutely terrifying. It is silent but it does manifest. What we can do is do our best to take care of ourselves, be patient with ourselves and give ourselves the chance to hear our own true voices.”

Anxiety can be debilitating but something can be done about it. If you know someone who is experiencing anxiety, there are ways you can show support through listening and being patient. You can also take exercises to get the good vibes going.

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