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How Kylie Padilla Turned Her Passions Into 3 Small Businesses

Kylie currently has a bath and body line and sells statement shirts + pre-loved items!
PHOTO: Instagram/kylienicolepadilla

Extra income is always welcome, and it's a huge plus when your side-racket is something you love. For actress and mom of two Kylie Padilla, her advocacy of spreading mental health awareness and her passion for a sustainable fashion industry shaped her small businesses

Kylie currently has three business rackets. In March 2020, she launched Ava Luna Bath & Body Essentials. She's also selling statement shirts that promote positive messages via Read The Shirt MNL. Lastly, Kylie is into selling her family's pre-loved stuff through her online shop, My Little Ukay-Ukay

Ava Luna Bath & Body Essentials


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Believe it or not, Kylie has always dreamt of putting up a soap businessshe even designed the logo! Its name, Ava Luna, was initially one that she would have given what she thought was a baby girl during her second pregnancy. "Because I am so enchanted by the moon, so that's where the 'Luna' comes from. And Ava? My lola's name is Eva (Carino), and I changed it up a little to make it 'Ava," the mompreneur explained. 

"When I was a teenager, I had a struggle with my mental health, and now that I'm a woman and I have kids, I want to make it more my mission to make people more aware of mental health," Kylie said. The mom of two previously shared that she experienced perinatal depression and the pressure to slim down after getting pregnant and giving birth.

"I discovered how much self-care and self-love mattered to me," Kylie wrote. "Not only because I just became a new mom and felt like I needed to take more time to properly take care of myself, but also because I found it so relaxing and almost therapeutic to treat myself and my skin to a 'spa at home' break every Sunday," she shared. 

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Kylie studied soap-making to better understand the business, and her Ava Luna products are all tailored for the best kind of "spa treat" for her skin. They're all organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and proudly made in the Philippines. They're all lavender-scented, too, since it's her favorite scent and also has calming and healing properties. 

Glow soap

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This Ava Luna soap has lightening effects. "That's not only for whitening. I want you to be happy with your skin color. I just wanted one that'll give you an ultimate glow," Kylie explained. 

BB Skin Soap

According to Kylie, Ava Luna's BB Skin Soap helps promote softer, more moisturized, even baby-like sin! "It also has oatmeal inside, so it exfoliates your skin," she added. 

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Luna Glow Body Scrub

It took a few tries to get the texture that Kylie wanted for Ava Luna's body scrub, which also exfoliates the skin. They ended up with one that also doubles as a lotion. 

Healing Clay Mask

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Ava Luna's facial clay mask with bentonite and kaolin contains chamomile for a relaxing feeling when applying it, and activated charcoal that gets rid of all the dirt and dead skin on the face. It also offers lightening "glow" qualities. Like other facial masks, just leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes or until it dries up. 

Read The Shirt MNL

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Another business Kylie has ventured into is statement shirts with Read The Shirt MNL, a brand that has been around since November 2019. The shirts contain statements that are ~not so easy~ to say out loud, with the business's motto as "If you can't say it, wear it." Designs include statements such as, "Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy is sexy" or "Touch me without touching me. Then we'll talk." 

This is another business venture that promotes her mental health advocacy. Kylie has a shirt supplier and has outsourced a company that prints designs on them. 

My Little Ukay-Ukay

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Kylie had also set up My Little Ukay-Ukay as a venue to sell her and her family's pre-loved items—from clothes, shoes, even books. As a way of giving back, 10 percent of all purchases from her pre-loved online store go to the Abrenica family's chosen charity. 

"I really do believe in sustainable fashion," the mom of two said. They are relatively easy to set up, just like any other online shop. Kylie posts photos of what's for sale and then later arranges to ship the items when needed. 

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